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The Way of The Genius

Men want to express themselves so they communicate; they use words, writing, sound, painting, drawing, and photography. The creative soul sees a thing in its mind or in its eye and translates visions into symbols with meaning. He pronounces a sound a certain way  and charges the airway with reverberations conveying a feeling of fear, […]

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While It Is Called TODAY

Is it possible that so many of my Protestant friends have rejected the clear teachings, of not only history, but the New Testament, concerning the use of violence against his fellowman? Yes, it is not only possible but it is actually the case. That same New Testament also confirms that in these last days that […]

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Words.!?# I could write a hundred books and still be misunderstood. Even a poet only scratches the surface of full disclosure. Empires have crumbled because their words were taken the wrong way. Yet, God has chosen words, His words, to be recorded for all posterity and His own Son bore the title of Logos, the […]

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The Church and Its Orthodoxy (Conformity) Toward War: Part 5

This entry is part 5 of 8 in the series The Church and Its Orthodoxy (Conformity) Toward War

As we have seen in the last article, the Book of Hebrews starts out with a definitive statement of the relationship and authority of Jesus regarding everything that was written, or said, before His arrival. But, the words from the author of Hebrews are only an intensification of the words spoken by Jesus Himself in […]

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A Conspiracy of Silence

The 60’s era was a time when war and violence became personal. The images streaming in via television and magazine of cargo planes filled with body bags, F4 Phantom jets delivering payloads of napalm incinerating jungle and humans, B52 bombers converting landscape into moonscape, Cobra gunships pouring out lead like neon pencils delivering letters of […]

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Does God Sanction Political Action

  Many Christians feel they have gotten the sanction of Heaven for political action to reform the morals of the nation and world. Hence the call for strict enforcement of laws protecting the populous, and the voting down of laws that infringe on liberty, and the great uprising of the religious right. This thumbs-up from […]

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The Christianization of War and Violence Pt. 5 A Response to a Question

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Christianization of war and violence

Because of the articles I wrote about the “Christianization of War and Violence” I now find it necessary to go just a little further. The number one response to this controversial topic is the question of defending others from an evil person set on doing harm to a friend or family member. We can easily […]

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The Christianization of War and Violence, Pt 2

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Christianization of war and violence

Part Two For 1700 years Christians have justified war and self-defense, but where did this notion come from, the Bible? There is a general rejection of the Kingdom teachings of Jesus, which are encapsulated in His Sermon on the Mount. Christ’s teachings on wealth, oaths, and divorce are offensive to most Christians and they spend […]

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Religion: Satan’s Greatest Deception (A Repost)

Religion is a curious and fascinating thing. I haven't done a study on the number of religions that exist in the world: main line religions, their various branches, sects, cults, and spin offs, but the vastness has to be mind boggling, all claiming to be the truth, lead to the truth, or be a variant […]

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Ed Stetzer and the Nuance of Rick Warren

nu·ance/ˈn(y)o͞oˌäns/ Noun: A subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound. Verb: Give nuances to. Synonyms: shade – hue – tint – tinge – tincture – tone – shading If there should be one thing that is apparent to any real Christian these days, that has even an elementary knowledge of God’s Holy […]