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Consider Carefully your True Allegiance

To my Christian brothers and sisters: I have put two links here for you to read concerning your involvement with the things of this world, and at this particular season that would include politics and voting. There is a lot at stake, not with the leading of this country, but with the things we have […]

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The Great American Myth: American History, Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series The Great American Myth: American History

Discovering Columbus In Ted Morgan’s book, Wilderness At Dawn, The Settling of the North American Continent, he places this picture from the Elizabeth Waldo-Dentzel Collection, by Joshua Shaw called, The Coming of the White Man. “A ship appears on the horizon line, with the sun rising behind it, while in the foreground four Indians on […]

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The Great American Myth: American History

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series The Great American Myth: American History

American history books are full of facts that should both thrill and sadden the hearts of anyone who hungers for truth. Unfortunately the history books used by the public school system and also the majority of homeschool associations do not include facts based on truth. Most of these books paint simplistic pictures of brave heroic […]

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What Does it Mean to be a Totally Devoted Follower of Jesus?

What Does it Mean to be a Totally Devoted Follower of Jesus? Where in all of Christendom must a person go to find such a person today? This is a chilling inquiry considering the words of our Lord, that finding faith on the earth at His return, is questionable. If we are living in the […]

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The True Nature of Christian Devotion

Devotion is not prayer, regardless of how it is done, private or public, neither is it time spent in reading some favorite devotional, or a certain time set aside on Sunday after church; but it is rather a life given to God. So, who is a devoted person? It is that person who considers God […]

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A Question for Christians

I have a question for Christians, but let me prefix it with this note of clarification. I feel blessed to be living in America, and consider it my duty, as a follower of Christ, to honor our leaders, obey their laws, and to pay my taxes; I am not anti-America, as some may conclude when […]

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Military Courts and Bible Verses

I have written extensively concerning Christian involvement in politics, at any level, and that the involvement in this process is forbidden to Christians. I find it very easy, personally, to understand the New Testament’s teaching in this regard, but for most Christians this understanding is not so apparent. Patriotism and its associated emotions run very […]

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A Christian’s Guide to the Dreaded Friend Zone

This is a post by a guest author, my 15-year-old granddaughter, exploring the Christian relationship between the sexes. MAY 31, 2015 ~ ALEXANDRA WARMOTH This post is dedicated to Madelyn Batchelor. Thank you Maddy for helping me to form so many of the opinions written here. Megan Follows as Anne, and Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert […]

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Christians Who Lean on the Arm of Flesh

It will always be necessary in this life to plead with the hearts and minds of men, even Christian men, to understand the message of the Gospel. Men need to be convinced. It is not enough that something be said only once; the truth needs to be repeated over and over again. When dealing with […]

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The Ambiguity of Government

I have written a lot about Christians and government from a not-so-popular point of view. What then is the purpose of government, and if Christians are not to occupy its ranks, as I now believe the Bible teaches, then, who is? Christians, for many years now, are united in their belief that it is their […]