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The Way of The Genius


Men want to express themselves so they communicate; they use words, writing, sound, painting, drawing, and photography.

The creative soul sees a thing in its mind or in its eye and translates visions into symbols with meaning. He pronounces a sound a certain way  and charges the airway with reverberations conveying a feeling of fear, wonder, love, hate, and surprise.

Even the animals do that. But! human communication is more than mere animal sounds, it is the conceptualizing of ideas; it is the embryo of the creative process that births nations and wars; it brings to fruition a process of thought, and lights a path to a world beyond the horizon.

Creative communication brings to life the dead and shows existence where nothing was. Creative communication is more than all of this, it will take you where you never thought you would go; it unwraps reality and pulls back the veil to the ethereal, and it is proof of the eternal.

Watch the children and follow them, because they know the way to creative Genius.

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