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Words.!?# I could write a hundred books and still be misunderstood. Even a poet only scratches the surface of full disclosure. Empires have crumbled because their words were taken the wrong way. Yet, God has chosen words, His words, to be recorded for all posterity and His own Son bore the title of Logos, the Word made flesh.

There is a mysterious key that opens every door to all worthwhile communication, and it is this; the truth of the matter must come through revelation. There is a spirit of revelation and understanding. A man and a woman who truly know each other possess this key that makes them a single individual, they are two in a mysterious relationship of oneness.

The ages have watched as mankind wrestled with the “Word” never knowing but being known. They intently look into the words of God and try to open the door without the key. Revelation is the key that opens the door from the inside by the spirit who fashioned the lock. It is a relationship where 1 + 1= 1 and without that relationship, the two remain separated; it is the miracle of the word becoming flesh, in our flesh and it is the only way to understand the Word of God; He must live within us and reveal Himself to us through His Spirit. This is the story of Scripture.

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A powerful synopsis of 1 Corinthians 2:6-16. We are so privileged to have His Word, but how many who profess to believe it even understand what it means?

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