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Is it possible that so many of my Protestant friends have rejected the clear teachings, of not only history, but the New Testament, concerning the use of violence against his fellowman? Yes, it is not only possible but it is actually the case. That same New Testament also confirms that in these last days that “good would become evil and evil good.” I don’t think that many Protestants would argue the point that we are indeed in the last of the last days. If that prophecy of “good becoming evil” is for the last days, and we are in those days, then we needn’t look to any future time for the fulfillment of that prophecy. What more or better clarification and proof do we need than the wholesale violence witnessed and promoted by the “Church”? The Church encourages the saints to carry lethal weapons to protect the Christians while they worship their God. Soldiers are lifted to the level once reserved for the Godliest believers and the congregations openly applaud them who kill their enemies rather than love them. Special times are set aside to pray for the success of murderous missions and those who are wounded or are themselves killed are then given the status of martyrs for Christ. Instead of being taught by their pastors to lay down their lives for their enemies they are instead given every resource to avoid such a “terrible” idea.

How has this happened that the vast majority of the Protestant and Catholic Church has given undeniable consent to evil? They have not learned this evil from the first three hundred years of Church history. During that time Christians were being martyred who confessed openly that they could not raise their hand in violence against those who ruthlessly burnt Christians as human torches, beheaded many, banished others, fed to hungry animals, and made sport of by demented gladiators while the crowds screamed for more. Yet their blood became the seed of the future Church of which now no one dies so easily; so sad. Today, when the cry for blood comes you can be sure that some Christian will be at the front with crucifix or cross and pistol in his pocket.

The Bible says that the Antichrist is he who has deceived the WHOLE world. The whole world would include the Christian world also of which it is said, they “walk through a wide gate and on a broad way that leads to destruction.” He who puts his faith and trust in the “sword” i.e. power and violence whether personal or corporate, will suffer the consequences of violence; God’s scales are very accurate. The Devil must be very happy and certainly believes that he has captured the Whole World, except for a few stragglers which he will deal with later. The Bible also says that some of the blind will be healed and wakened at the last minute. But you don’t have to wait. Today if you hear His voice don’t turn away, time is short and we do not know at what hour He will return, act now while it is still called TODAY.

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