There had to come a time, in time, when it would be the end of time, that time has come. There is little argument, from any camp, that all the Prophets are, in this period of time, tying up loose ends. We are witnessing a mass moving of spirits to ready the stage for some climatic events. The world is in turmoil, and the Church is in turmoil. The geopolitical landscape is changing before our very eyes and a great shaking is about to take place. We must get it right, time is running out. For thirty three years I have had very little to say, but now it's time; if you have something to say, you better say it. I'm not a preacher; Lord knows we have enough of those. I'm just a Christian with some things I need to get off my chest; the preachers have had their shot, so now it's time for Christians to be Christians, take a walk with the Lord, and to say what's on His mind. The Institutional Church has failed; that is my position, and I think history shows that plainly. We have been building with the materials of man for 1900 years, and all our beautiful architecture will not save us now. We have invested our leaders with wealth and prestige and only a handful have returned the investment. They have instead taken ownership of the flock and become whitewashed tombs of dead mens bones. We have a carbon copy of the religious circumstances of Jesus' day, and His message to them still stands. My message is not hateful, but it is direct. I know that in many Churches across this land sit neutered Christians that have been staring at the backs of people's heads for years, afraid to say the things that the Spirit reveals in revelations of His Word, and on their bed, as they lie there staring at the ceiling, knowing that all is not well with their soul. It is time for the remnant to rise up and be ye separate, just like the Bible says. For most that will mean coming out of the tomb and being resurrected. It is true, and it is hard, as you will see, if you decide to walk in the Light, and walk by faith, real faith. You must love the Light and seek others who love the Light, and the Lord Himself will lead you. Put the fear away, it's time to test your metal; the acid test of the Spirit will find you, it found me. I was born again, again, and I haven't been the same since. I only want for others, what was given me, and it wasn't what I thought, but it was very good. Obedience is not standing up and sitting down on cue. It is crawling onto an altar and being reduced to ashes, and suffering great lose, only to receive everything. Please read these writings at your own risk, they could and should, be hazardous to your health. In His service, for His Glory, Steve Blackwell

38 replies on “About”

I came across a comment of yours on a fb page and found your site. I’ve been on a search for God more than ever now, after my family lost our dear grandson (he was 26). The pain is almost unbearable… The whole situation is “messed up”, for lack of better terminology. I want to find comfort and peace from our Lord Jesus. It was a sudden death (motorcycle accident) that has left us in utter shock. I’m not sure why I’m writing to you about this.. I see a man who truly loves the Lord, and not a “christianese”, or as you said, a “confused Christian”. I have been convicted and I see the choices this world has given us, as in the right or left. Our politics are not Godly. We are alone in our town, where all churches are worldly. So, I appreciate your voice; I don’t feel like I’m crazy for having tough Biblical views that go against mainstream Christianity. Anyway, I believe the Holy Spirit led me here, and I trust you as a real brother in Christ. I just wanted to reach out to a true believer. God bless you.


Thank you so much for your kind words regarding this site.

I am greatly saddened by your loss. In former times I owned a motorcycle franchise and had to sell it after having to deal with young people being killed, it was more than I could bear. I still have pain from remembering those days. But the Lord is good and comforts us in our grief. Those days were essential to my seeing beyond the camouflage of this world’s deceit.

Being a true follower of Christ requires a new way of seeing. We live in a world that is run by evil and the Bible says for a reason that we are “blind.” That is not a play on words it is an actuality. Jesus came to heal our inability to see. With regret I must preach the truth that most Christians are still quite blind and see only what fleshly eyes can see. Worldly Christianity follows a phantom, a lie, that feeds the flesh what it wants, and like a child, the world of Earthly Christianity will consume the sweetness till they die or become sick enough to cry out for help. I have been there and you are there also, don’t pass by this opportunity, although very painful, to be truly “born again.” Just like a seed put into the ground we must go through our own death which is painful for the present but will yield a wonderful harvest.

So, don’t push away your pain, but embrace it, it is for your healing.

Thank you again brother and I will pray for you.

hey Steve, just came across your Website today following a link that you posted under one of my Songs in YouTube. Very interesting stuff indeed that you are writing. I’m from switzerland and sometimes i also feel i’m the only Christian/believer in this country who still reads the bible and believe what’s writen there is the truth. we live in the endtime, for sure, but no believer seen to realise whats going on… very strange… though so many Things predicted by the Man from Nazareth and from the prophets happens today. may God bless you with your work and may it reach the Chosen ones who haven’t found their King yet! Matt


Thanks for stopping by. Things do appear to be getting serious and it is no time to relax time is short. Which song of yours would that be? Are you living in Switzerland? I’m really glad to hear that you are a true follower of Jesus because, as you say, there are so few. I have a lot of Anabaptist friends from that region of the world. I have never been there but I would love to visit. My wife and daughters along with the grandkid have been there but I haven’t had the opportunity. Thanks again for the good review and feel free to communicate whenever you can. God bless you and hang on the ride may get a little rough. Peace, Steve

Are there any groups or individuals who you would recommend whom I can meet in the Denver, CO metro area who have the same understanding and direction?
Thank you,
John Siberell

Dear Steve,
Greetings from Nigeria. I am a Nigerian. I am a church of Christ person but wants to belong to house church
I am come across your site through internet I would like to read your post regularly.
Ernest Johnson Udom

I’ve been scorned, ridiculed and escorted out of churches since 1975 when I was again born. At that time I asked God for insight on war and peace, he delivered. To whom much is given much is expected! The whore doesn”t like interference but thats our job. I’m working with a pretty tough crew right now but with his help I’m confident his plan will prevail.

on the wall at parris island

Yes, a tough crew indeed. The military is trained to have closed minds but the Holy Spirit has the opener. Conrad Grebel and Felix Manz were dealing with the closed minds of Zwingli and Luther and they paid with their lives, but that testimony of blood went before them in power.

Thanks for stopping by.

My own Testimony…coming out of the RCC
I know plenty about the Catholic doctrine, my own fathers was in the seminary to be come a Catholic priest, he was 3 months from becoming ordained, he had taken his first and second vows, but had to leave to care for his sick mother, and during this time, he met my mother. He may have left the priesthood, but his heart never left the Roman Catholic Church. Sunday was always a drudge for me, I was a very observant child and that never changed, as I grew, I watched the Mass and how the priests acted. for many of them, the Mass was as much a drudge for some of them as it was for me. I did all the “gotta do’s”, first holy communion, catechism, confirmation, confession (ugh!!!), stations of the cross… and I still remember the original “act of contrition” word for word. It was a heavy burden…mortal sin, purgatory, hell, damnation…..observances like lent or no meat on Fridays, genuflecting and the sign of the cross toward the alter before you are seated, kneeling, standing, sitting, more kneeling…..and then communion…. Prayer candles, rosary beads, bowing before the statues. Sunday was church day no excuses, unless you were dead, because as they say, it is a mortal sin to miss mass. But, of all the things we were commanded to do….’NO BIBLES”…we never read the bible. When I left home, I left that Church and everything associated with it behind, and never went back until the week after I got saved…I felt in my heart that God wanted me to go back, I was devastated, but I went…I sat behind a church filled with lifeless bodies, the sound of hundreds of voices void of any emotion or enthusiasm…that was the last time I set foot in a catholic church, God had me go so that I could let it go forever…I cried all the way home, I was free…free from them forever….Amen

Thank God,
How long do we search for like minded brethren?….I have looked over some of the messages here and I agree so far with what I have read. I wish I had a group in my area that I could fellowship with, but unfortunately it’s just more of the same old watered down, prosperity false Gospel. They teacher another Jesus, not the one of the Bible.

Are we allowed to share your testimony and messages?

Blessing in Jesus, Mary


I sympathize with you and I know your struggle, I have been there as have many others. My answer to your question has not changed for many years, and it is this. Preach the truth where you are at and don’t be afraid. Our mission is to shine the light of truth into the darkness and not to look for some place to hide away from the storm. The Lord Himself is our hiding place and a safe harbor. Paul’s orders to Timothy was to “Live righteously” and in doing this you will be persecuted as he promised. Our question to ourselves should be, “What is the righteous life that will produce persecution?” When your presence and your message becomes a stumbling block to the establishment you will be approached and warned to desist or leave. I am not saying to be divisive or rude but simply to say the things that are missing from today’s Gospel presentation. When you present these facts you will raise eyebrows and get attention, and that is exactly what most Christians don’t want. Getting lost in the crowd and being accepted by your peers will effectively put a muzzle on the Good News. If you are faithful the Lord will keep His promise. We are soldiers in a spiritual warfare and our weapons are not carnal but mighty and will pull down stongholds. Don’t worry about tactics and stratigies, just be obedient, and the Lord will direct the arrows of truth, they will hit their target; we are only the messenger, He is the archer. But, remember to love your persecutors and do them good. The persecution will be the sign you are on the right track. You are not spreading the light for the purpose of being persecuted, but persecution will come. It is like a man who sends his child on a trip, he does not tell him to “Go and get cold and hungry and suffer sickness,” but rather he tells him that, “Son, as you go, you may experience suffering, but do not be discouraged, keep going.” Suffering for suffering sake is not our goal, but we are in a hostile foreign land with a mission, so do not be surprised when suffering happens, but be thankful because it is a sign that you are being successful.

If you find something in my writings that you would like to share with others or to copy and to put into your own words you have my permission, you are free to do with it as you like. As a matter of fact to rewrite what I have said in your own words is the best way to internalize a lesson. If you have any questions please feel free to write me, or if you find something you do not agree with, ask for clarification, I don’t mind at all. I make no claims of ownership to anything here. it all free for the taking.

Find companionship in the Lord first and then ask for a helper, and He will give you what you need.

In His service,


My once Bible believing church is merging with an “emerging” church and it is someone whom you know. Is there any way I can contact you off line to explain the situation? Or should I just pack my bags and leave the church?

Enjoyed reading your About page. It made me smile. I couldn’t tell if by “Indy” you meant Indianapolis. If so, know that there’s someone else working nearby (I’m 40 miles outside of Indy) trying to wake people up to the Word of God around here. I came across your site while I was gathering references for our expose exposing Rick Warren. (I’m doing a major update.)
Indiana is pretty much dead to the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ for the most part, and we’re praying the Lord’s judgment over this nation and all our filthy wicked inventions and imaginations. There isn’t much of a “church” out here at all, except church-buildings and church-goers.

Hello again Steve. Not really sure what the best way is to contact you as there doesn’t seem to be any official form.
I have a few questions for you. Could you send me an email at my address above or could you call me at (616)308-2415. Nothing serious, I would just like to chat or maybe come down to visit if you have time. Thanks.

Hi-Just thinking the other day about the fact that God is building His church. It is happening, with those who have allowed Him to build them first by offering themselves as living sacrifices and in those who agree to take the crushing God has to do in us to “build us.” Those who deny the cross that must be laid on our souls for Him to build us, as He conforms us to His image, won’t be one of the stones He builds His Ecclesia with. Those stones will be dead ones, not living ones, as they have pushed God’s hand away from them as they’ve wanted to live their own lives, and so they will. But, those who welcomed God’s refashioning process within them, will be built by Him and He in turn will use them to build His blessed and beautiful Ecclesia.

Hi Steve!  Seen your comments at my mate Glenn's site.
They homeschool, shop, vacation, and do most everything together as a way of protecting each other from the proliferation of sin in every conceivable form. This does not work perfectly, but it is the closest thing I have seen to what the bible calls Church. "
Please don't mind if i disagree with this.
Love underpins the Kingdom of God, and no other pragmatic reason, no matter how noble it is, is the reason we should be together.
We should share our life with other saints bcos we love Jesus and love them, period.  And this Godly motive GLORIFIES God as per John 17.
The other things are  the benefits of living in His love, like being shielded from sin and the devil, etc..
Would you agree?


Thanks for writing. I have seen your name on Glenn’s site and read some of what you say and have never found anything that I would disagree with offhand.

I’m not sure you understand what I am saying in my response to Michael. I would not argue the point that it is the love and concern for the brethren that underpins the Kingdom of God, and in that vein I am focusing on the care that each of these individuals display toward others, as a community of believers. This is not a pragmatic attempt to create community, but rather the effect of love, in the community.

I do think we are saying the same thing. Their gathering together is in keeping with Scriptures, as they see the “day” approaching, and to keep one another from this present evil.

Thanks again,

Steve Blackwell

I just finished reading “The Amish” by Donald Kraybill. It’s a study of the the Amish and how they live. The live in tight knit communities, meet in homes and are accountable to each other and live their faith. They have an extremely high percentage of young people who stay in the church. I think we can all learn something from them.

 Hello Steve and thanks for the personal testimony above and standing firm where many won't. I've appreciated the few articles I've read here although a couple are a little deep for me- I don't consider myself an intellectual if you know what I mean and I'm not as versed as you with our native vocabulary.
 I have a question for you Steve. Are you part of the city ekklesia there at Indy? Although I am not directly familiar with them I have appreciated some of the writing and resources that originate from them. I wonder how so few people and other sites (even the house church types) fail to direct others to their sites (Heaven Reigns, Jesus Life Together, Home Church etc.) Although I'm a little curious as to why some there seem to look up to Charles Finney with what appears to me to be his many false doctrines and practices, most of what I've found on these sites is excellent.
 I'm asking because I had a rather unpleasant experience with some individuals here in my hometown (Grand Rapids, Mi) who are affiliated with that group. I'm not holding anything against them, I believe they were sincere when I met them, I just couldn't figure out why despite my being as open and honest as I could with them, they persisted in being anything but that towards me. I'm a fairly discerning individual and it isn't difficult to know when others are purposefully being evasive towards me. I'm sure they were to some extent protecting their families but it's not the first time I've sensed some real paranoia coming from select groups of Christians who just arn't like the rest of us. In short, I'm having a hard time understanding why despite my sincere desire to serve God and others, this 25+ year believer didn't meet "their" standards for fellowship. That happened over a year ago and I've entirely left this in God's hands for the best. We haven't communicated since.
 I'm not looking to be critical or for ammunition to aim at anyone. I would have liked some kind of Biblical explanation for their decision in light of what God Himself commands about conditions for fellowship.
 I just recently got my site up and not quite sure how God is going to use it. I don't advertise it so I really don't have much traffic yet. I don't consider that a problem as I'd rather avoid most of the unprofitable conversations with those still attending church. I'm sure you understand well enough.
 Send me a note if you have time. If not, I hope all is well as you continue to point others toward our one and only hope.    


Thanks for writing, and thanks for reading my articles. I do not consider myself an intellectual either, but I do own a good dictionary and thesaurus, and a computer to do research; besides that, I am as shallow as the next guy, but thanks for the compliment anyway.

To answer your question,

Are you part of the city ekklesia there at Indy?

The answer is no. I am not part of their Church, but I do have friends that are part of their Church. They are a close knit body with high standards and very disciplined in their walk. They are about twenty years old and recognize the need to follow Jesus closely, much like the Puritans did when they came to this continent one hundred years before we became a nation. They homeschool, shop, vacation, and do most everything together as a way of protecting each other from the proliferation of sin in every conceivable form. This does not work perfectly, but it is the closest thing I have seen to what the bible calls Church. In a way, I do consider myself a part of them, but not officially. My wife and family were very close to one of the families and they were a great blessing to us, and taught us many things. Although we have went our separate paths now, they are dearly missed.

I am not that familiar with Charles Finney and I know they quote Finney a little in their writings, but don’t let that be a stumbling block for you; simply disregard those things. They also quote Bonheoffer who many claim was a liberal. If I thought Bonheoffer was a liberal I would not read his books or listen to those things said concerning him. If it comes down to heresy, yes, search and find out the truth, anything else is just hearsay. Be a lover of truth.

During the dark ages, when the Catholic church was persecuting believers, there existed the Waldenses and the Albigenses, among others, who had separated themselves from what was being taught and accepted by the consensus of so called believers, i.e. Catholics, of that day. They lived in communities and studied the Bible an set out to do the things Jesus said to do, much like the Church in Indianapolis. I am sure there exist error within their community, and for what ever reason the Church in Michigan is not as open with you as you have been with them. I have not found it to be so here in Indy. When I have met with the men they were honest and open about their life, before becoming a part of the Church in Indy, and since. I would suggest dialoging with those in Michigan to learn where they come from, and if you are all on the same page, and your hearts are sold out to Jesus, there should be no problem with fellowship, if that is what you desire.

I do appreciate your writing and pray you will keep a tender heart towards God’s elect, wherever you encounter them.

In God’s service,

Steve Blackwell


We have become aware of your site through Lighthouse Trails.  We, too, came out of the harlot about 12-13 years ago and began home fellowshipping with other likeminded believers.  Our youngest son, who is almost 15, doesn't really remember attending an institutionalized church.  We are glad to see more and more likeminded believers leaving the whited sepulchers to speak the truth about the Laodicean Church.
We invite everyone to visit our site, for encouraging articles that will help those who wish to begin a home church.  There are also articles on homeschooling, creation science, discipleship, watching out for spiritual wolves, various bible studies, etc.  We include a Spanish home page in our menu, with a few of our articles written in Spanish. 
The Gospel permeates our site with the fragrance of a fine perfume.  Our prayer is to bless and encourage believers who have no home church due to the dearth of Bible believing, Gospel preaching churches during these latter days.  We are in the final stretch, Brother!  Let's all root for each other to finish the race!
"Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers." — Titus 1:9
From your Christian brethren at

I just found your site.
The Lord has opened the eyes of a small group of believers including my husband and myself.  We have "Come out of the Harlot."
We have lost all of our "friends" and no one from our previous fellowship (of over 14 years) will have anything to do with us.
I am thankful that I found your site and have forwarded many of your posts.
I had to comment here when I read your statement that you "Had been born again, again…"  That is EXACTLY what I said about 1 1/2 yrs ago when the Lord opened our eyes.
Thank you for your post, it helps to know that the people in our group aren't the only "crazy" ones!  😉

Take courage, the coming out was, and is not, easy, but it is good. The organized church is just a fishing hole now. There are still others who need to hear the truth and at every opportunity I talk to them and give my testimony. I am not trying to build anything, only trying to get others to recognize the faulty foundation on which institutionalism is built. Most of those who agree will acknowledge their plight, but are rarely bold enough to step up to the plate with honest question to the leadership. And, again, they are not honest with themselves or their families, so consequently they are not honest with the Lord.

If you get the chance read the article “An Open Letter to Eagle Church” and its comments for an idea of my own thinking at the time I came out.

As the Lord shines light into the path, walk in it. Always move to the light, especially as it reveals the sin in your own life.

In His service,

Steve Blackwell

P.S. there is a site that I would recommend that you visit that is a great help with a lot of resources. It is All At His Feet

Hey Steve,  Great testimony (above).  That pretty much sums it up!
I didn't see an email for a private message on the Ekklesia forum, so thought I could catch you here.
I understand your point about the thread going "south"…..God was telling me to just keep wading through.
But, I had hoped that you would bring some of the knowledge that God has given you to this subject.  You may have missed the couple of questions that I left for you…..they were pretty "buried".
Just in case you did miss them, I will copy/paste them here.  Hope to hear from you with your input.
"Steve, I think you are really onto something there, when you said Paradise is no longer connected to Hades.

That would explain the FIRST RESURRECTION that is described in Matthew 27:52…..Yes? No?"
Sincerely, zadok


Found your site from your recent comments on Prodigal’s Knots on baptism and the resulting insanity of of some.

I am definitely subscribing to your feed because I like your approach. 2009 is the start of my blog for some of the same reasons as you. I’m still searching for my voice and my “niche.”

Love your boldness, brother. I am encouraged by what I’ve read so far and I’m eager to peruse your blog further.

Yours in Christ,



” . . .if it weren’t for the fact. . . ,” Those are wonderful words, because they make all the difference; those words change everything. Those words are precisely the reason we Christians do what we do, because of the “Fact.”

Without that fact this world is very discouraging, as it should be. Without that fact the world wins and the Prince of death takes the booty; he raids the temple and takes all the treasures and leave a trail of death and destruction. Without that fact the law is king and delivers every soul to judgment with no one to plead his cause.

But, the Fact remains, although hidden in the chaos of Planet Earth. Jesus is the end of the Law for righteousness; He is the answer to the discouragement. The discouragement and hopelessness is part of the equation and exist to point us to Christ, and I thank the Lord for discouragement, because He lifts us out of a miry pit and sets us on a solid rock. Death comes before resurrection.

Death, discouragement, and conviction of sin iare the old Gospel. Are we set free from freedom? Are we set free from joy and peace? Of course not! We are set free from discouragement and hopelessness.

I know you already know this, but I love saying it anyway.

I visited your site and like it. I bought Barna’s and Viola’s book because of your reviews posted there. I have been out of the institutional church for some time now, and at times wonder about the discouragement of my choice, but the Fact is always there with the truth, and encourages me to press on for the sake of the elect. The facts have been suppressed for very many years but are now pushing through the soil, a fragile, new sprig reaching for the Light, and the Light is there, and it warms and comforts. That Fact will draw the Church to Itself.

You are correct, there are some inside the institutional church that will see the Light of truth, as I did, and will separate themselves at some point, when the time is right. They are the good seed amongst the tares.

Thanks for the visit,

God bless you,

Steve Blackwell


Great post, yet this could be incredibly discouraging if it weren’t for the fact that Jesus Himself said that He is building His church..

I’ve often tried to reconcile “…and the gates of hell will not prevail…” part to the failure of American Christianity, but then I realized that there are the people who are born into the “real” church that exists in many cases in the psuedo-church that is Institutional.

I had a pastor of one of the larger Churches in my city tell me that out of the 1000 or so people that attend his suburban church, he believed that maybe 20% of them were actually authentic born again believers. It’s sad.

I take comfort in the fact that while all of us are doing our part to contend for the true gospel, and it can seem daunting at times, Jesus is still building his true church.

Glod Bless Brother!


I didn’t know where else to let you know that I think you did a good job of trying to help Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) look at the real point re. Roger Oakland’s book.

What has happened to Roger really hasn’t relevance to what his research, with documentation, would show the reader.

I’m afraid this kind of statement from Andrew shows the real weakness of this alleged postmodernism:

“I think many of us no longer see the church in denominational or organizational terms so the RCC/Protestant divide is not so sharp.”

Who cares that “many of us” simply chose to think the Reformation away because they decided to “no longer see” it.

Sadly, they way they wish to see things doesn’t actually change reality. Hey, I wish I could do that with my bills!

And as a former Roman Catholic I have a much different view than Andrew.


I agree with you in respect to the church failing, and it was doomed from the start because man decided to take the reigns and bastardized that which was known.

We have been told to keep quiet and listen for too long. Jesus had dialog, how else can one really teach?

He even courted questions from those he knew had malicious intentions, in order that others may hear his answer.

There may be details that most of man kind may disagree with, but are they even important in the grand design? I think not.

Love thy neighbor and do unto others are two commandments given much talk but little walk, if you know what I mean.

Tell me what you're thinking