Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden In Plain Sight Imagine a place created for the sole purpose of hiding the truth from humans, where mankind is kept in bondage and slavery without them realizing it, that place is called the “World.” Men are intrinsically conscious of the truth, but in the world, truth has been diluted with many “lies.” Men […]

Life In the Abstract

Abstraction, much like poetry, does not demand a clean window through which to see. There is always a questionable narrative quietly offering up a motley assortment of things, fragments, pieces of a mysteriously yet intimate plot – or conspiracy. Life in the world is like that! We see yet we don’t see. We will foolishly […]

Politics and the Devil

Politics and the Devil Most of us know the story of the temptation of Jesus that was the prelude to His public ministry. The Devil temps Him three times. The one that concerns me right at this moment is the last temptation. Jesus is taken to a high mountain and is shown all the kingdoms […]

Digging Wells

“And Isaac dug again the wells of water which they had dug in the days of Abraham his father, for the Philistines had stopped them up after the death of Abraham.” Genesis 26:18 Sitting alone with my thoughts it seems I unconsciously navigate toward the idea of saying something once again about the Christian’s involvement […]

The Gordian Knot of Non-resistance

The Gordian Knot is a knot tied by Gordius, a legendary king of Phrygia, that according to a prophecy, was impossible to undo except by the person who had “understanding.” Alexander the Great, not able to untie the knot solved the puzzle by cutting it with his sword. The simplicity with which Alexander solved the […]

Counting the Cost

Those who rule the nations know that real strength does not come from the power of might but rather from the power of truth and the clear expression of it. Governments are more afraid of the communication of truth to the masses than the armies of an opposing nation. Hence, they censor, bribe the press, […]


Paying the Eternal King His due respect, the Creator of all things and Savior of all who bow.

The Subversiveness of Christianity

The Subversiveness of Christianity True Christians have nothing at all to do with the evil of mass murder at the hands of young military-age boys whose heads have been filled with patriotic nonsense. There are men and women in the Church who say they believe in peace and spend much time promoting peace, delivering addresses, […]

A Brotherhood of Peace

There are not many voices in the room when it comes time to exult Christ in His doctrine and lifestyle of non-resistance to evil. There are not many men who will take part in the battle on this front. The odds in this world are overwhelmingly against those who choose to believe this teaching from […]

Gotta Catch-up

The back-end of IndyWatchman has been down for quite sometime but is now back up. I was unable to repair it myself so I had to bring in the big-guns. All is well on the home front now. Your patience is appreciated. In the mean time I have attended a few Anabaptist conferences and gathered […]