Anabaptists and Anti-Semitism

In my quest for truth over the years I have frequented various Churches and associated with those of different belief systems. I have gradually gravitated towards the Anabaptists because of their sacred history and persecution. I suppose that I fell more in love with their history than I have with the present-day Anabaptists who appear to be more anti-Semitic.

It is hard for me to understand why the Anabaptists reject the present-day return of the Jewish people to their homeland considering their past affinity for the Jews. Given the present atmosphere in the Middle East, Biblical prophecy, the hatred of Israel by the Muslims, and the volatile world situation, how can anyone not see what is clearly before their eyes? My only conclusion is that there must be some other reason for this rejection. One reason could be the historical and spiritual hatred ingrained in people who share a common dislike of the Jews in general for whatever reason they can muster. But one thing is very clear it cannot be because of a correct understanding of Prophetic Scriptures. The Bible depicts the Nation of Israel being reestablished with all the attending difficulties that are present today. Only serious visual impairment can account for this blindness. This careless blindness may also be accounted for by generational misguidance of influential Church leaders and the human tendency to follow the crowd.

I have taken the time to investigate, pretty thoroughly, how present-day Israel fits nicely with prophecy along with the daily headlines of the local newspaper. My conclusion is that most don’t see because they don’t want to see, in which case the “blindness in part” that has occurred to Israel, has affected a lot of others. I have also gathered a lot of notes and articles and if necessary, I can distill them to support my case. Please consider carefully before rejecting Israel and its plight. I am not saying that they should be supported but only that God has gone to great extremes to give us a roadmap through time and that we should be awake and be aware of the times in which we live.

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