A Recollection

Listening to sad music and looking back in time; it seems so long ago. With a powerful attraction and a melancholy sadness, a sorrowful spirit transported a troubled and questioning heart to a place far away. All the voices said go, “Go away to a place I will show you,” so I went. Could this be the voice of the One I prayed to returning a simple answer? Afraid and all alone in the world, face down in my own circumstances with only one place to turn, I went. It was a great act of faith and trust; it was all or nothing, and I went all in. Our Father has always only asked one thing of His children and that is to go all in. I had created a scenario that would ultimately demand a great test. That test opened my eyes to a world that I had only heard about in stories and testimonies, but now I knew firsthand that He was alive and could be trusted in the most difficult of situations.  Thank you, Jesus.

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