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What is The Mark of The Beast?

The civilized world loves to be entertained and anyone who can spin a good yarn can muster an audience and even make some money. Conspiracy theories are popular and rampant on the Internet and elicit fear and wonder and no subject is more popular than the subject of the end-times. Many of the authors claim their tales are solidly based on Scripture, giving them validity, and making them appear feasible, reliable, and believable. But, to be honest, outside the entertainment value, they all leave me questioning their credibility and worth. The scenarios surrounding the “Mark of the Beast” are so many and varied I am forced to conclude that they must be more fiction than fact, and I would not ever endorse them. But, a friend sent me a link to a YouTube video, that you are about to watch, and I have to admit that it makes more sense than anything I have heard up to this point. He won’t try and wow you with theatrics, loud preaching, or questionable narrations, just the facts of Scripture, supported by documentation from several sources, and presented in a scholarly fashion. If this sort of thing interest you then you will benefit from his presentation.

Steve Blackwell

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You will not find anyone here that believes in the false doctrine of “Preterism.” Your doctrine is being proved false every day and not least of which was the returning of Israel to its homeland in 1948.


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