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Understanding the Time

It is interesting to watch how Christians react to information inspired and animated by the world. I am not pointing a finger at anyone else because I have been caught up in the hysteria myself. But, it is still interesting to analyze and to weigh where we ourselves are positioned in this pre-tribulation test. Do we dare trust an unseen God when things get “real?”

Modern Christianity, in the midst of which we find ourselves, develops in terms laid down in reference to the world’s latest program or crisis, which the world determines and even promotes. Its ultimate goal, even during a real crisis, is to provide a political answer and satisfaction provided by mere men for those who are in fact “incapable” of changing, understanding, or dealing with the situation on their own. In truth, it is a substitute for God!

To seize upon the problem “as the world states it,” whether Corona or something else, to accept the world’s basic notions of the problem, its prescriptions for a solution, and to give them the preeminence is to become part of a growing trend to see “truth” through the eyes of the State.

In doing this, Christians are abandoning the very thing which is their function in regard to the world, and which has a bearing on the course of events in the end-times. As has been, in every season of the Christian life, that function is to introduce “tension,” a contradiction and a conflict, which will correct or replace the storyline of the State. This can only take place if the Christian really, in all actuality, has a Fatherland and are its ambassadors, strangers, and exiles on the earth.

Must we be reminded of our Anabaptist namesakes, Grebel, Manz, and Blurock, and those Apostles and first-century Christians who stood in the gap for their Lord and had a message? No, I don’t think we do need to be reminded, we only need to recognize the opportunity laid before us and the reason we are here, and the TIME.

One reply on “Understanding the Time”

Very astute observation, Steve. We are told in 1 Chronicles 12:32 that Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what to do, joined David at Hebron, turning the kingdom of Saul to him. But we are still hoping to glean some treasures for ourselves from Saul’s rejected kingdom, despising the inheritance. I pray for a repentant heart in these days of watching the Tower of Siloam fall…

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