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Understanding the Time

It is interesting to watch how Christians react to information inspired and animated by the world. I am not pointing a finger at anyone else because I have been caught up in the hysteria myself. But, it is still interesting to analyze and to weigh where we ourselves are positioned in this pre-tribulation test. Do […]

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How the Church Justifies the World

Man is justified by grace, that we all know, and that is not the issue here. But, the issue is that there are errors in the thinking of conventional Christianity, by conventional Christianity I mean that which is recognized in the Church as the highest spiritual example, the standard for everything else. Today’s Christians, in […]

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Everywhere I Turn

STEVE BLACKWELL¬∑SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2016   Everywhere I turn in the New Testament I find confirmation to the doctrine of non-resistance to evil. Paul in his writings confirms non-resistance in many places, but I never expected to find confirmation in his epistle of joy, the letter to the Philippians. How many times do we do […]

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Now that the Election is Over?

Now that the election is over, is anyone going to make the argument that America is still a Christian nation? Now that the election is over, the logical next question is, where did we go wrong? Now that the election is over, is it time to change our political strategy? What should Christians do, now […]

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To Vote or Not to Vote

Dene McGriff of The Tribulation Network has written an excellent article on the subject of whether a Christian should vote. As in most issues in the chrch today there is a growing division between those who claim a dual citizenship and those whose citizenship is in Heaven only. As for me, I have officially declared […]