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Satan Watching The WorldBelow is the transcript from a radio broadcast by Roger Oakland. Roger successfully boils down some end time prophecies into bite size portions. Now, whether you believe that Rome or the USA is the Harlot of end time prophecy, or that there is a mixing of the two is less relevant than the fact that things are becoming clearer and clearer as days, and even hours pass. Roger is a front line fighter that has earned his stripes in the trenches; give him an ear.
The messages that you read here and on other watchman sites are not for your entertainment, and if you relish with glee in anticipation of the next episode, you lack a basic understanding of the times. This site, and all the other watchman sites, are not for your entertainment, they are recruiting stations. If you do not understand that, I’m afraid you may be in the wrong camp and at the wrong site. The days of fence setting are fast coming to an end; there is a line being drawn in the sand, and not by man. The Bible is clear that the door to the Ark will not remain open for ever, and when it is closed, it is closed. Now is the time to decide, who it is you will serve. We are not only called to live for the Lord, and to suffer the lose of all things, but to die for Him if need be. “…As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”
Steve Blackwell




Understand The Times
Radio Commentary
by Roger Oakland


Do you know there are wolves among the sheep that masquerade as sheep? These wolves place themselves in strategic positions so that they can introduce false doctrine and hijack Bible believing Christianity. Who is behind this strategy? Could this be Satan?


Satan uses human pawns to work out his plan. These people are quite sincere of course. They actually believe they are God’s men. They believe they have been enlightened. In fact they are the “enlightened ones”.

These men also believe there are many ways to God. A Christianity that believes there is only one way to God through Jesus Christ is the very enemy of their plan. The very foundation of the Christian faith has to be hijacked if they are going to be successful. The Bible calls the hijacking of Christianity apostasy.

Now, as you can see, there is a problem for these enlightened men. If they are going to set up their system that is antichristian, they have to find a way to implement their plan. What about deceiving people to believe they were Christian while they are headed to Babylon?

By now, you may be following my line of thought. If you could dupe the entire world into embracing a form of Christianity that is called Christian, this would be the ultimate deception. Eventually you could simply abolish this religious system by demanding absolute loyalty to a man who enforces absolute power. What if this man used technology to set up a global system of compulsory buying and selling? What if there was an image of the man that everyone was forced to bow down to and worship?

This is why I believe the “Queen of Heaven system” with assistance from the Jesuits, will precede the “King of the world system set up by the antichrist and his men. I call this the queen and the king plan.

Now what does this have to do with true Christianity, Bible prophesy and the gospel of Jesus Christ? The answer – everything!

The “Queen” and the “King” at the beginning of this plan, work as partners. They have a common foe – Bible believing Christians. They especially despise Bible believing pastors and denominations. In order to make them ineffective they must infiltrate them and deceive them.

For those of us who have been given discernment, the plan becomes more apparent every day. When a President who claims to be born-again states that all religions pray to the same God, we know that the antichrist system is near. When evangelical Christians leave the gospel for a social gospel that works with all religions, we can also see the plot. When Christians say they can get closer to Jesus by practicing monastic disciplines, we know where this leads. When evangelicals talk about building the kingdom by partnering with Rome, we know Jesus is coming soon.

This is why we are speaking out at this time. The “faith-sector” is becoming all inclusive. When pastors say they can work with Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists for a common cause, you know that the common cause is not the gospel according to the scriptures.

Christianity is being hijacked and many who profess Christ don’t know it.

I am Roger Oakland. This has been a biblical perspective to help understand the times.







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