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The Apocalypse, An Exposition of the Book of Revelation

I have become so throughly sickened with politics that I have decided to withdraw completely from the whole process. Since I was eighteen years old I have not missed an election. I felt that it was a patriots duty to do his part and get his man elected. It has taken me a long time to learn my lesson, but I have learned it well. Actually this is not the first election I have missed, but they have all been in resent years. This year and forever more I will not contribute to the worlds designs for Peace, Safety, and Prosperity. My sight has come to me slowly, but it has arrived. Although what I see makes me ill, I choose this sight, over blindness. I know what some of you are thinking, if he doesn’t vote then he can’t complain, and you are absolutely right. Should we Christians complain anyway? Are we really entitled to vote, being citizens of a different country? I have found that the Christian vote is nothing more than man playing God. Where does our Peace come from? Is it something that is achieved by voting correctly? or living correctly? My withdrawal is complete, except for what I receive from the internet, no more television, or radio, or newspaper. I love my new freedom.

All the work of the religious right has not accomplished a single thing to improve this world, and evil is winning out after all. Who would have thought that James Dobson would not have influenced enough people to change the world for good by his Focus On The Family? And now he wonders if there will be another generation of the religious right. Who would have imagined twenty years ago that the Moral Majority would become the moral minority? Who would have guessed that D. James Kennedy with his gainsaying for the recovery of righteous America would not have turned the tables on the Devil? None of this has been realized and Satan remains the undisputed Prince of this world. Is it possible that our focus should have been elsewhere, like holiness, and righteousness, and not leading marches on Washington? Is it possible that the great American debacle is the consequences of immoral Christian men preaching a personal peace and prosperity, under the banner of a “better America” instead of preaching the cross and self crucifixion. We have gotten what we deserve and I was part of the problem.

Our enemies do not fear us anymore, why? Because our walls are all crumbled, and our doors burnt; the enemy slips in without resistance, and we “are made a prey.”  What’s to fear from a sleeping drunk? And, if he wakes, he’s not a threat. Our enemies don’t fears us, and our religion is a smoldering heap that stinks.  While modernity fights post modernity they both fall in the ditch. The sixties were a shot fired over our heads, they were a warning of things to come. You had to admire the young people of the sixties, they stood up against the establishment who could give no answers to why things were the way they were. They rejected the advice of there parents who could not answer the question, “why?” and were told that, “if it is good enough for me then it’s good enough for you.” Their offer of personal peace and prosperity, and the American dream, ended in anxious riots and unanswered prayers, and no one told them, why? So, they manufactured their own answers, their own way, but they were wrong, all wrong. Now, my generation is that drunk man, always high on one form of drug or another, and the pendulum has came back again, and still there is no answer. The sixties were riding high on a “consensus” of assumptions, and today there are no assumptions at all left; this generation assumes no truth, no proposition, or absolutes, and really no hope, but what he can achieve or do for himself. The sad thing is that the answer has been there all along and we have missed it, and are missing it still.

Proverbs 16:7 “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.”

Below is a sermon by Joseph Augustus Seiss, a Lutheran Preacher of days gone by, with a vision for us today. I found his words in an archive on the internet. They are words that ring with force, and echo into the emptiness of our Postmodern world. The pendulum will not always swing, it is predicted. Some chosen generation will see it all stop, and have to deal with the consequences of all that went before them, unless they can see, that the answer is so close.

“Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked—I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see . . . .” (Revelation 3:17-18).
Steve Blackwell


The Apocalypse, An Exposition of the Book of Revelation
“Not yet has the sovereignty of this world become the Lord’s (Ref.   Revelation 11:15:  ‘The kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!’).  All earthly governments, principalities, and powers, from the beginning until now, are uniformly represented in the Scriptures as wild beasts, having no lawful owner, and full of destructive savageness and offensive uncleanness.  A lion with eagle’s wings, a bear crunching bones and flesh, a four-winged and four-headed leopard, a nondescript with many horns, dreadful and terrible and strong exceedingly, having great iron teeth to devour and break in pieces; these are the prophetic symbols of the greatest and most lauded of them. (Cf.    Rev. 13:1-2; Daniel 7:2, 7; Rev. 12:3, 9; Dan. 7:8; 11:36; Rev. 17:3; 13:4, 12)

“Even the premiership of Daniel himself in one of them does not alter its general character.  It is but folly and fanaticism for men to talk of Christian states and governments in this world.  Christian and good men may be concerned in their administration, and Christian ideas may sometimes temper their enactments, but earthly states and governments themselves are not Christian, and in the nature of things cannot be.  They are all the products of devastated nature’s wilds, and full of savage nature’s passions and ungodliness.  Fix it as we may, such is the result.  The best-planned institutions and the wisest laws are ever disappointing their framers.  The very law which God Himself promulged from Sinai’s thunder-shaken heights was ‘weak through the flesh,’ and did not serve to keep the Jewish commonwealth from like apostasy to that of other nationalities.  To this hour there is nothing so great a desideratum among men as good and just government, nor another department in which the native evilness and God-antagonizing passions of men are so potent and defiant.

“True, the kingdom is by right the Lord’s.  All authority and power originates with Him and belongs to Him.  Government is His own ordinance.  But since the apostasy of the race to Satan’s standard, usurpation, falsehood, and other powers than the rightful sovereign of men and nations, have held and directed the sway in this world.  Many revolutions have been wrought, and men have labored, and sacrificed, and bled, and died to achieve them, believing that now they would secure the precious boon for which the race has signed and cried for ages; but it was only the turning of the sick man on his bed, who keeps his pain however he may change his place.

“In our day especially people are looking and laboring for a grand jubilee of nations, shaped to popular rule, and compacted by common laws, interests, and creed, in which enlightened ideas shall be the king, and all the world be one (Editor’s Note:  Seiss published his commentary in 1869-1881 in three volumes, but several American libraries give the year of publication as 1865 – all the more astounding since it is penned at the close of the American Civil War); but the result will be only a more horrible beast than any that preceded it, a leopard with bear’s feet and a lion’s mouth, full of heads and horns and names of blasphemy; the very embodiment of hell, whose infamies so outrage High Heaven as to bring the great day of God Almighty upon the world.  No, no; your revolutions, and reforms, and progress of liberal ideas, and overturning of old creeds, and grand conventionalities in revision of the Decalogue, and internationalities for the redemption of the world without Christ, and glorious philosophies ruling out a personal God and exalting self and passion in His place, and all your glittering ideals to which to reconstruct society and relocate the highest interests of man, much as they may promise, and successfully as they may draw the heart and energy of the world after them, are but the nurslings of Satan’s bosom in which this world lies, and the inspirations of his foul breath.

“Dream, and prate, and preach, and glory as men may, the devil is de facto the god and king of this world.  His mantle may be often changed, and every day may exhibit a new garb, but the presiding genius within is still and always the devil, with all his pride, and malice, and spoliating falsities.  And so it will go on, ‘wicked men and seducers waxing worse and worse,’ till the last trumpet sounds.

“But then shall come another order; not developed from below, but enforced with sudden and resistless power from above.  How, we will see when we come to consider the details of ensuing chapters.  Meanwhile, however, the fact itself is sure to the exultant voices in heaven.  God is king, and the sovereignty hath He given to His Son, Jesus Christ.  And having given the world six thousand years in which to choose and settle upon its proper allegiance, and finding after all only an intenser and more malignant apostasy, He causes the final trump to sound, breaks in with His Almightiness, and enforces His rightful dominion.  A kingdom comes which breaks in pieces, and consumes all other kingdoms, and stands forever.  Laws are given to be changed no more.  And the true Anointed reigns on earth in an empire of sinless, deathless life and peace, to the ages of the ages.  The government is changed.” (Joseph Augustus Seiss, 1823-1904, The Apocalypse, An Exposition of the Book of Revelation, Kregel, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, p. 274.)

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I found your Web Site by Google
And I wish you the best you can get,
the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to visit my Site.
Allan Svensson, Sweden

The Bridegroom comes, Come out to meet him. Matt. 25:6.
From where shall we go out? We shall go out of the great
Babylon, the great whore. Rev. Chapter 17 and 18. This
command of the Lord in Rev. 18:4 is now highly topical.

Never before we have been so nearly Jesus’ coming as we
are now, but how are God’s people prepared? How is the
unity in the faith? Sorry, very bad! God’s people are more
divided now than ever before. Instead of following what
the Bible teaches about the Assembly of God, they have
followed Satan’s false assembly doctrine. They believe
that the Assembly of God is constituted of church systems
and many religious organizations.

Most Christians have not yet begun to prepare for Jesus’
coming. They can speak and write that Jesus shall come,
and about the signs of the time, yet they do not make any
preparation to meet Jesus. How can we make a preparation?
To make preparation and be ready for Jesus’ coming, God’s
people must get the knowledge of the Assembly of God.

All God’s people must in the first hand begin to study what
the Bible teaches about the Assembly of God. What we
need now before the restoration of the Assembly of God,
it is humility before God’s word and a forgivable disposition
to each other.

The Assembly of God is no Pentecostal church. Please,
consider what this expression “the Assembly of God” in the
reality implies. The Assembly of God must be the same as
the Greek word “ekklesia”, and the Body of Christ. 1 Cor.
12:12-31. Then it is easy to understand that this has nothing
to do with the Pentecostal Movement. Pentecostal churches
have existed about 100 years, but the Assembly of God has
ever existed since Jesus baptized his first disciples by the
Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gave them the new life in Christ
so that they became born anew. Then the Assembly of God
was born.

The Bridegroom comes, Come out to meet him

Evil spirits in the churches

The great falling away

What does hinder the Antichrist to appear?
What is the Restrainer?

KJV, “the best English Bible” but not perfect

Why did the Pentecostal Revival take an end?

The truth of the baptism by the Holy Spirit and the new birth


Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your blessing. I too pray that God will strengthen His children in these last days to continue the fight to the very end.

Your friend in Indiana,

Steve Blackwell


Your excitement is catching, and refreshing. I read a lot, but share very little. This piece effected me as being very honest and anointed. I wish I could remember where I picked it up so I could pass along your blessing, but I’m sure they are aware of its power. I hadn’t thought of trying to locate the rest of his writing, maybe I should. If you find the source please pass it on.

Steve Blackwell

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! Wow! Wow!

As I read every word aloud, with such a dramatic sense of realized TRUTH, I was reading the heart of a man AWAKENED to REALITY. Was this man not enlightened — no, thoroughly illumined — by the Holy Spirit Himself, or what!

An incredible find, Steve. I am all a-marvel at the clarity, the absolute sharpness of this man’s observations and the complete depth of awareness and understanding he possessed. Truly a man of God! One overtaken with the wonder of His word!

I am definitely decided, in that I will be sharing this with others. It deserves to be seen — and heard; copied and read aloud — with all the passion that this precious man brought to it. The Spirit of God nearly jumps off the page, word after blessed word. This is incredible in its scope, and every bit as applicable today as it was at the time it was penned.

I don’t think I’ve been this excited over the work of another from a bygone era, and there are many I have been deeply blessed and admonished by. I’m thinking I’ve gotta get my hands on all three volumes of this man’s work. His heart beat in time with the heart of God! Such wisdom. Such a depth of understanding. It can only have come from one Source, and a Most Wonderful One at that.

I’ve been deeply impacted. Bless God for helping uncover this blessed resource.

I’m sharing your website with others I know who will be equally blessed by what they find here.

Bless you, brother!


“The whole bible thing was/ is a hoax. It is a script from the Supernatural Magicians of this local U. Lucifer is the God of the earth. Not a loving God, who isn’t a person with a white cape.”

“good for you on the withdraw. I am doing the same.”

There is something in this post that makes me want to try and understand why you say these things. You have misread me. I am not withdrawing or giving up on Jesus, as you think, I am pulling in closer than I ever thought possible, and it only makes me see more clearly what a catastrophe the organized Church has become. A hoax? Your own writing betrays your sense of the spirit world: supernatural magicians and Lucifer. The Bible is the only truth we have, it is no hoax. The hoax is the drama being played out in the Church by the many evil forces that inhabit this world. The Bible is our life rope, our only way of escape, the light shining a way through evil. The drama is made to appear as the truth, but that truth is a lie; that light is darkness, and leads those who follow into a blind alley with no way out. If I have mistaken your writing for something other than what you intended, I apologize. You ask “WHY” and I say because He deserves the reward of His suffering, that’s why.

Steve Blackwell


If you are a Christian you should not mistake what I say as pessimism, but it certainly appears that way to the world. My doleful outlook on what this world passes off as optimism will be its undoing. I would think that the unwarranted optimism, as to the outcome of this world, is inexcusable, and we are told nowhere that we are to salvage this world; the world is doomed as is Satan. The world is waxing worse and worse, there is no doubt, but all the grand efforts of great men have not gained one square foot of real estate, they have only won a little glory for themselves. Their work is commendable, but it has failed, and will continue to fail. It is only through ignorance that we try to convert the Devil and reform his kingdom; his kingdom is not worth saving, it is destined for demolition. Our Lord has told us of the signs that would be the beginnings of sorrows; the beginning of the end. We should not be building bigger barns (mega Churches) or marching on Washington, we should be sounding a general alarm to evacuate a burning building.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a very “optimistic” Christian in my day, and am more so today. I raised all my children on the wisdom of Dobson, and sent them all to Christian schools, and my wife has always been a stay at home mom and wife, all thirty eight years, while I worked two jobs and went to school, we never drank or got baby sitters so we could go out, we read to our kids, all Christian literature, and went to Church two or three times a week. I listened daily to DJK and enrolled in Evangelism Explosion. I actually did what all those books said to do. My girls are all raised now and the Lord has blessed, but only after some very hard lessons in family and business. I read all the books, and read them still, with this one difference, I test it all, and I don’t swallow everything I read, and realize now that most of them are dead wrong. One day I came wide awake, all at once, with a simple revelation of God’s word. Jesus had told Peter that upon his confession of Jesus being the Christ, He would build His Church, and that the gates of Hell would not prevail against it. All of a sudden I saw that everyplace I looked, in the Church, that the gates of Hell were prevailing, it could not be denied: divorce, abortion, pornography, teen suicide, drugs, and alcohol, pride, anger and envy, and all the disgust of the world was all there, inside the Church. Then the Lord showed me that what men had built was not the Church, that the sound of a hammer or chisel was not to be heard in the construction of the temple, and that His Church would prevail, but that the true Church isn’t where and what I had imagined. A modern Tower of Babel is what man has built, call it Protestant, call it Catholic, call it Emerging, if you build it you can put your name on it, call it Wesleyan, Calvin, Lutheran, it doesn’t matter, its a sin, the sin of presumption, and a form of rebellion.

You say, where would we be if these men had my attitude? Well I suppose we would be no worse off, but the real question should be, what should be the attitude of a servant of God? It should be one of contentment, faith and belief in God’s proclamation that it is He that saves us, not our self, through our own efforts. Only through unbelief do we presume our selves into the position of God, to solve the problems of the world. If we see the city walls being breached we should go to God and ask why, and not take matters into our own hands. God has shown us that our ways have failed, we need a proper response, not more programs, or new ways to seek God. Men can not tolerate the thought of letting a good PhD go to waste and imagine that it was God who gave them such talent. The talent He has given us was, and is, Jesus, who did nothing that the Father did not tell Him to do.

The gift that is so needed today is the gift of sight and discernment. I pray that you will see.


Steve Blackwell

Wow. While your pessimism is understandable as a follower of Christ, it is not excusable.

While Satan may be the prince of this world and not to be underestimated, his doom is sure. The timing of his demise is not our issue, only our work against him is.

If Kennedy, Dobson, et. al your that attitude, where would we be now?

Let’s not give up now.

Remember the cross and the empty tomb.

The whole bible thing was/ is a hoax. It is a script from the Supernatural Magicians of this local U. Lucifer is the God of the earth. Not a loving God, who isn’t a person with a white cape.

good for you on the withdraw. I am doing the same.

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