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Degeneration or Regeneration: Your choice

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The second law of thermodynamics “entropy” simply stated says all things slowly reduce from order to disorder. In other words, what was once new becomes old, what once was hot becomes cold, todays bread will soon gather mold, and when we think we are rich it is only fools gold.

We go to Church and we sit in a pew, like a flower on its stem just gathering dew.

What once was tall begins to droop, and what once stood straight begins to stoop.

The world grows cold and time runs down, the child on the swing goes up then down.

Then the swing goes empty with nothing to see, the child has passed to eternity.

So, what can we learn from this degeneration, this chaos and confusion? What the world learns is that there is no hope and that any advantage is from what can be gained at any particular moment, and by any method, because the “moment” is all that matters. The second law of thermodynamics governs the whole world of nature including the hearts and minds of lost mankind. Like all of the “laws” put into effect by the Creator God there is no escaping them. Up will be UP and down will be DOWN. What Christians can learn from this is that God can change times and seasons, and He can change the laws of nature.

With the fall of man came the institution of the laws of thermodynamics with its corruption of all things. “In the day that you sin you shall surely die” was God’s curse on all of nature including the flesh. Within this curse lay hidden the symbol and blessing of redemption. The second law of thermodynamics contains the hope that we look for. The death that this law prescribes is our prescription for life.

In the infinite wisdom of the Creator was laid out a path that all who will see life must embrace and walk. It is through the curse of death that we inherit life eternal. Many deceived “Christians” will, through their intense labor to protect and preserve life, inherit eternal death. In our world, i.e. the Christian world of the Kingdom, the second law of thermodynamics is turned on its head, and down becomes up, and death becomes life. This is why we understand that nonresistance to evil and separation from the world is the wisdom of God witnessed from the first day Adam and Eve were ejected from Eden. Therefore, let us accept this Second Law of Thermodynamics, not as the malignant curse on the world, but as the doorway of our hope and as an everlasting promise for those who believe.

“Death where is your sting”?

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This article has inspired me to meditate more deeply on the subject of the ebbing and flowing of truth and life in the assembly of the righteous, even throughout the whole of the history of mankind.

My layman’s understanding of the 2nd law of thermodynamics has been what was stated in the article, that all things slowly reduce from order to disorder (in the physical realm), without the infusion of some sort of additional energy to maintain at least a static level of order, and ideally to elevate order to the level of acceptance of the Lord. I have often referenced and sought to apply the 2nd law of thermodynamics in regards to this ebb and flow in the history of God’s dealing with His people. This cycle has stood out to me in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Generally, I have seen it as an inevitable cycle of falling away and renewal among the believing part of the human race. It simply reflects the perpetual war that rages between the forces of good and evil, the Spirit against the flesh and the flesh against the Spirit. God raises up messengers of the truth, and immediately Satan raises up strong opposition to them. And being free moral agents, men respond according to the measure of faith and truth that is in them, and on the human level, that is influenced by the measure of their intensity in seeking the Kingdom of Heaven. Certainly, it is a question (and a choice) between degeneration and regeneration. Seek with all your heart, and find the regeneration, or seek only within your comfort level with the world, and find degeneration.

Concerning the laws of thermodynamics, when I investigated them a bit further, l could also see something of the deeper similarities in the processes of both interactions (to clarify, this will not be a deep dive into the full understanding of thermodynamics. I have neither time not inclination to pursue that). Thermodynamics focuses largely on how a heat transfer is related to various energy changes within a physical system undergoing a thermodynamic process. In the case of professing Christianity, when the principles of the natural law of thermodynamics are applied to the spiritual realm of decline and decay, it is easy to see that there are 2 “substances” that are inherent in the human heart that are dissimilar to each other, and in fact are in conflict with each other. One is thermally “hot”, and the other is thermally “cold”. When they co-exist within the same space, there is a transfer of temperature that occurs. They will eventually reach a state of thermal equilibrium. In the Christian, this amounts to lukewarmness, which is totally unacceptable to the Lord. Rev 3:15-16. (In the case of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, it is stated that it is impossible for there to be a heat transfer from the substance that is the colder to that which is the warmer.)

What then? It is evident that there must be an infusion of divine energy (the Holy Spirit) into the soul of the Christian. It must be significant enough to amount to the death of the carnal nature within. Another way of expressing it is that there must be a setting aside of the law of sin and death, and a new law introduced. And in fact, there has been such a law introduced, and in fact, that new law super-cedes the old one. It is called the law of the Spirit of Life. Romans 8:1-14,esp v 2. And when that law is entered into, it follows that the Christian will be conformed to all the New Covenant ushered in by the Lord Jesus Christ, and sealed with his blood. That includes the Sermon on the Mount, which is set at naught by so much of Protestant Christianity, and, I fear, that to their eternal lament.

Thank you, Steve, for your faithful pursuit of truth, and your willingness to share it publicly. Indeed, such sharing of the truth may very well result in even physical death to the messenger. Let us persevere.


Thank you for your response. In Indianapolis, there are only Churches that believe in killing their enemies so attending any meeting has been a real challenge. My most recent experience was in attending a Quaker meeting. The gentleman who was leading the discussion was a retired Army officer. What I discovered was that the members did not have a clue concerning their own doctrine. When I brought up the conflict of having an Army officer teaching in a Quaker Church that professes nonresistance to the evil person they thought I was a little crazy. Needless to say I was not invited back. That has been my experience in other meetings also. The idea of not defending myself when under attack never even registered on the radar.

Due to my age, I do not post as often as I used to so I do appreciate your taking the time to respond.

God bless you,

Steve Blackwell

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