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A Thanksgiving Something


I recently shared an image on Facebook that pictures a man holding five umbrellas over his head with a poor person walking by getting wet and below the image is the caption that reads simply “Capitalism.”

I have been an avid lover of photographer for very many years and I understand how taking a picture a certain way, processing it a certain way, and presenting it a certain way is directly linked to how it is viewed and understood.

When a person looks at the picture and reads the caption, certain feelings are triggered, which exposes values and worldview. But, if the picture is looked at without the caption then other reactions may be experienced. Without the caption, we may see a greedy overweight person with abundant resources unwilling to share with the poor unfortunate fellow getting wet wishing he had made better decisions in life and prepared for the rain in advance. By placing the simple word “Capitalism” beneath the image other feelings and ideas are generated: Anger, misrepresentation, party politics, the American Way, or disgust; we may even see a person who is blessed with abundance and righteous, or; we may see a bum who has made his bed and now has to sleep in it.

Depending on which lens I use on my camera and the way I position the camera, portrait or landscape, along with other factors, I can present the world in different ways. I can exaggerate the truth or tell a complete lie; I can even create a believable fantasy.

By adding the word “Capitalism” to the image I can turn a sensitive, compassionate, and Christian person into a hardened political junky who is repulsed and offended that American capitalist values are being assaulted. Another person, say a business owner, may be convicted in his spirit of selfishness and converted to Jesus.

The Bible tells us to “Examine yourselves and see if you are in the faith” for a reason. The lens that we use to view life can be very deceptive and we can even come to believe that what we “frame” in the viewfinder of our minds is the truth when we have really been tricked into seeing a certain way.

Capitalism, Socialism, and all the other “isms” are of this world and when the “end” comes in the world is where they will remain. See life through the lens of Truth and let your faith and trust determine if five umbrellas are really necessary or if sharing was the IDEA all along.

Happy Thanksgiving

2 replies on “A Thanksgiving Something”


This is very astute and powerful for the eyes that are open. My only thought is that the greed of man is not limited to a particular economic or political system. Certainly socialist and communist societies have the same level of injustice present (and likely much worse)…


Your observation is correct of course. I see the greed displayed by the homeless and poor and many times it is displayed in very graphic and disturbing ways. I guess my intentions are to prick the conscience of the “righteous” and make them see their hypocrisy, and my own hypocricy. I know I will be held to a stricter standard because the light I shine must necessarily reflect back on the one holding the light. I am not a Socialist or Capitalist I am a Christian using this thing called a body so that I can exist in this world and complete a mission. But, so many Christians are Capitalist Republicans and believe that that is the preferred platform for anyone claiming to know Christ. When the end gets closer the lines will become more distinct and the separation more acute. I just want to make sure that my stance is not mistaken for anything other than strict obedience to my Savior. Some in the Protestant Church already think I am a heretic and I wear it as a badge of honor to be associated with so many martyrs down through time. My writings do not open many eyes, at least that I am aware of, but I will continue to be faithful for as long as I can.

Blessings in this Thankful season,

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