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Social Justice

Social Justice is not a Christian term and should only be used in relation to the confusion, conversation, and lostness of the world.

The words “Social Justice” sound good and even Christian but are never found on the lips of Jesus. The Social Justice advocate is likely to use the words of Jesus to advance his cause, especially when Jesus commands us to “Love (y)our neighbor as (y)our self.” The concept of Social Justice is political with philosophical roots in the mind of men and not God.

Society has always had serious issues that God has not been reluctant to address, but men who know not God have been unmoved to follow His advice. The world and Christianity can not agree yet we find the Church linking arms with the world. “Can two walk together unless they agree?” Amos 3:3. The fact that Christians walk with the world, attend their protest rallies, adopt their language and habits, send their children to their schools, vote for its leaders, join their military to kill their enemies, and many other things are proof that the world has changed the Church and not vise-versa.

Nevertheless, the term Social Justice has found its way into the vocabulary of Evangelical Christianity in a big way and is even showing up in Kingdom Church (Anabaptist) conversations. A little leaven truly does leaven the whole lump of dough.

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Thanks for your thoughts, Steve. It certainly appears as though this will be one of the defining marks of the end times Babylon under antichrist. It’s sad to see such a wholesale departure within “Evangelicalism”, especially amongst the youth. Unfortunately, they will eventually get what they hope for…


Unfortunately, the reason for writing the post was because this thinking has entered the Fellowships of the Anabaptist and the word Social Justice is one of those red flags that causes me to take a closer look at the person. You just can not get away from the decay, it is everywhere.

Lord come quickly,


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