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A Question for Christians

I have a question for Christians, but let me prefix it with this note of clarification.

I feel blessed to be living in America, and consider it my duty, as a follower of Christ, to honor our leaders, obey their laws, and to pay my taxes; I am not anti-America, as some may conclude when they see the question.

Having said that,

Please consider the following two pictures and tell me the difference between the two from a Biblical perspective if you dare?

keith green - no compromiseRespectOrElse

2 replies on “A Question for Christians”

I suppose that some people would see a difference in intent (i.e., bowing/submitting to someone who claims divinity versus pledging allegiance to a symbol of a country that supposedly stands for all that is “good” in the world). However, in the final analysis, I think that both cartoons are on the same slippery slope – just different ends of a continuum. Personally, I no longer pledge to the flag or sing the national anthem, but if I were at an event where the national anthem is played, I would stand. Perhaps that is hypocrisy on my part.


Every person must choose for themselves who they will serve, but I believe the bottom line is clear; “. . . as for me and my family we will serve the Lord.”

Exposes are popular today and I imagine that if someone were to follow the average Christian around for a day it would become obvious to whom, and where, their allegiance lies. It takes a lot of fortitude to stand against the crowd when patriotism elicits so much emotion and biased responses. But, the Christian answer to all of this is not hard to figure out, only hard to do. It is important to know what we believe, and why we believe it, and to not play the hypocrite when the chips are down.

Steve B.

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