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Old Plastic Flowers

Old Plastic Flowers
We get so enmeshed in appearances that practically everything is true.
Yet, out of custom or habit, even simple gifts excite great expectation of lasting long and eternal good.
The longed-for completeness that only deep dreams foretell exit in heaps of discarded facts, like old plastic flowers.
Whereunto must a man attend to find the fulfillment which he demands?
And just for a moment, with his awakening, he teeters on the verge of the answering.
He believed then, or so he thought, or that he had misunderstood the thing.
Yet, the love of sincerity has compelled him, “look again.”
Clutch that faint scent of reality, and arrest all your competing thoughts, for our Maker hides actuality,
even in old plastic flowers.

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