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The Truth of the Flower

The Truth of the Flower

Is science the truth of the flower? No, the truth of the flower is the image in the brain of the image-maker. Science? It is only a thing of ways and means–pixels on a sensor–binary code in a computer–in relation to the art in the heart of the creator. Mere intellect will never discover that which owes its birth to that which is born in the heart of the image-maker. Argue against intelligent design if you must but watch the children, in whose eyes and hearts, filled with love and fleeting eternity, as they pluck a gift from off its stalk and present to their mother the essence of the Eternal. It is only a flower you say! Has science ever witnessed such weeping from the mother–understanding not the botany of the subject–who receive gifts of pure love from the hands of infant ignorance? This is not the laws of nature or a mere fact; this is the Truth of the Flower.

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