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Social Justice

Social Justice is not a Christian term and should only be used in relation to the confusion, conversation, and lostness of the world. The words “Social Justice” sound good and even Christian but are never found on the lips of Jesus. The Social Justice advocate is likely to use the words of Jesus to advance […]

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Know the Truth About War, Violence, and Self-Defense!

  The study of “right and wrong” or ethics is very important but ethics do not exhaust the full contents of what Christianity is. Ethics are concerned with the practical conduct of human life so, it is natural that curious Christian minds should have carefully investigated these rules and behavior. Also, when we find that […]

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The Social Club and Society

The social club that many people belong to, known as the “Church,” has a few unwritten rules. The top rule and most important to remember, if you want to keep your membership active, is to never touch on the sins of other members, even incidentally. It is quite okay to enumerate the sins of those […]