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A Reply to: Vision and Vocation

I very much appreciate the replies I get on post here at Indy Watchman.  Lately I have received replies that have confirmed that the Lord is indeed using this web site to minister to and encourage His children in this late hour.  I too need encouragement, and the reciprocating effect of ministering to others is that I am, in turn, ministered to.

The following response to my last post, by T Austin Sparks, Vision and Vocation, is just such a blessing.

There are so few who are hearing from the Lord these days, compared to the very large numbers who listen for words from men, to direct their way into eternity. We look for markers and road signs, and directions from fellow travelers, on our way to the Celestial City, and there are many who are leading away from that City, but not all. We call these markers, road signs, and directions “ministries;” those who are pointing the way. Most direct us onto the Broadway where life is easy, but a few point to the truth, to the narrow way, a way that demands that we focus on the destination, and not on the distractions.

Here is one that I am glad to know, who hears the Shepherd and is following.


Thank you for this message that has arrived in my email box. I had just posted what I have written below on someone elses blog. Then I finally read your email and it so encouraged me…it truly is the word for me today… so I thought I would post it again here. I have been greatly encouraged by your messages that have arrived in my email box but have not always commented. Thank you so much for them. Both yours and David Wilkerson’s remind me that it isn’t a time for me to be dwelling carelessly or to be holding the truth in unrighteousness….and that He tries the hearts of all men who say they love Him. …tries them?? Why does He try us when He already knows the thoughts and true motives of our hearts. BLESSED IS THE MAN WHO IS TRIED BY GOD’S JEALOUS LOVE…it is an act of our Father’s jealous love that every thought, every motive, every act and every idle word spoken, all that comes from the root of self be made known to ourselves by His Jealous Love so that we may nail this man of flesh, this man of sin who sits in the temple of God as though He is God, to the cross daily and hate him as much as God does.. .. No, we will not stand naked and ashamed on His Day, His great day that is so soon in coming. But we are not as those who walk in the dark that that day may come upon us unawares.

He is very determined to have a blameless and glorious bride. I remember that these many trials are really just His many graces to me.

I often say to Him. Father we both know that I do not love you and how I long to love you with your love and to love you fully. Only a dead man can love Jesus. There is nothing in us that we should desire Him. Isaiah was correct in saying so. There is nothing in our flesh that can possibly desire or even love Jesus. He is just too humble and too lowly for prideful men to love. It is vanity to even think we can love Him or serve Him with our love and our service. But He does say, ‘If you love me feed my sheep” And in many places in the gospels we are told that to love Him is to love one another, and then the greatest love is to be found in loving our enemies and even dying for them. It is to love those who hate us, revile us and persecute us for righteousness sake.

But how can we be made perfect in such an obedient love unless we willingly share in the fellowship of His sufferings and not as a victim but rather as a victor. It can only be done by sharing the same cup He drank from. We are not willingly surrendered men and women until we have had our agonising Gethsemane…and we really have cried to Him, “Father, please take this cup from me….it is just too painful, too devastating”….but then comes the true bride’s submission, “But Lord, not my will be done but yours”….after such a transaction His grace is made fully available to us to die just as it was to Jesus, and we are now born of His Spirit and are now victors….we now live a supernatural life..….what else can we do but surrender in submissive union with Him. …now an axe is finally taken to the root of self…..the fruit reveals the root….and this is the fruit ( fruit that is not of this world) His sheep feed from …..firmly grounded and rooted in Christ.

(Beginning Quote:)…” When the Cross has done its work there is liberation from all human limitations, and Christ breaks forth from the grave in a way which gives Him the mastery of the whole situation.
Those who have been identified with Him in His death are raised by Him to a life on a supernatural level, and through them He achieves such things as were before utterly impossible…”(End Quote)

Yes, I agree…make me a captive Lord, then shall I be free.

Blessings brother.

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