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Why We Need to Question The Roman Catholic Church: Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Why We Need to Question The Roman Catholic Church

Part one

The Latent Evil of the Vatican

My brother was a strong, and to all appearances, a healthy man. At the age of 53 he died, unexpectedly. He had had warnings: a mild heart attack six months earlier and the death of our father at age 59. Dan, my brother, allowed himself to get over weight, and he knew that smoking was a problem. He was not a Christian, although at every opportunity the Gospel was presented to him. Many times I had asked him, “Dan, what if you died today? Don’t wait!” His answer was always the same, “Steve, I’m not going to die;” then he would chuckle a little, and forget everything that was said.

My Uncle was a lean hardworking Kentuckian, and meticulous to a fault. Laboring hard at his work for 65 years, and then retiring. Although a terrible cough appeared as a warning, he never realized that cancer was about to claim his life.

Asleep to these life threatening diseases, my Uncle and my brother never took seriously the warnings, till it was too late; they slept in a peace that was imaginary.

In a similar manner we are consumed with living life, and lulled to sleep with the passiveness of an inherited and settled peace, freedom, and liberty, ignoring clear and present warnings, which threaten our very existence.

There is a disease within our bosom; a cancer quietly working within, and in the midst of overwhelming warnings and alarms we profess, along with my brother, “I’m not going to die,” and, “why such negativity?”

What is this latent malignancy? It is Popery; it is the absolute monarchy of the Roman Catholic Church; it is a foreign government living within the borders of America, controlling an army of soldiers having no loyalty to our way of life under the Constitution of these United States of America; it is the Vatican, with all of its poised and composed hatred towards freedom and liberty, that Americans take for granted; it is an enemy, practicing its art of deception and secrecy under the protection of the very benevolence it seeks to destroy.

Are these bold words; words that are foreign to virgin ears and blinded eyes; words indicting a nation steeped in the ignorance of a foe who is even now fashioning chains for all Americans – including Catholics who relish a freedom not sanctioned by their leaders – who believe their freedom and liberty cannot be lost; who think their borders impregnable and their sovereignty secure.

I have yet to meet a Catholic who acknowledges truthfully the gross facts that surround their religion, or who is aware of their leaders secret agenda. Nearly all Roman Catholics own Bibles, but few of them are read, and none of its words believed as written; only those words approved by the pope are accounted as true. Catholics are spoon fed priestly interpretations and traditions that over-ride Almighty God Himself, and very often are direct contradictions to the inspired, God breathed Holy Scriptures. The protestant Bible is on the forbidden book list of the Vatican, along with many other books that foster freedom and liberty. Why are Catholic priests so loath to Protestantism? It is because the facts that are held back from a billion blinded souls open up a gateway to independence and autonomy, which the Vatican diametrically opposes, and spells out an end to their tyrannical rule. Ignorance and poverty are the fuel that drives their kingdom and the metal from which our shackles are wrought. Once the Vatican deems itself sufficiently enabled, it will rise up and crush freedom and liberty in the “Land of the Free.”

Do you believe that these are words of intolerance? or words of a bigot? or that I am just a Catholic basher? It is not true; I have no vendetta or axe to grind; I have many friends and relatives that I love, who are caught in the Catholic web.

Once confronted with the truth, it cannot be denied. John Wycliffe could not deny it, Martin Luther could not deny it, John Calvin could not deny it, and the blood of 50,000,000 Protestant martyrs could not deny the truth of what Holy Scriptures reveal, and the truth that withstood the onslaught of the “peaceful” Roman Catholic Church. When the truth of what the Holy Bible says is turned loose, the world shakes and is turned upside down. Once light enters a room, darkness must flee; and once the Reformation got a foothold, the Dark Ages of Roman Catholic ignorance ended. What is more precious to me than even friendship is light and truth; and this truth has been held captive for far too long in this country.

There are many questions that need to be asked.

What are the facts? Are American Protestants Ignorant? What is the source of this ignorance? Why would anyone want to destroy freedom and liberty? When did this all happen? What is the prognosis of America? What can we do? Where do we start? Why, in a Protestant nation, are our options for electing the next President, a Catholic, a Mormon, or a Muslim?

There are many very good reasons for Americans to question Catholics, but very few will have any answers, and the ones that do, will only be the rehearsed answers of the Vatican. But, what does history say, and what does the Bible say. The answers to these and other questions will amaze you. The Vatican has not changed in its choice of objectives, only its strategy and tactics have changed. The Vatican is the same today as it has always been, and that is to enslave the whole world.

In the following couple articles we will look at history and Scripture to see the truth of what, and who, the Church of Rome is.

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One reply on “Why We Need to Question The Roman Catholic Church: Part 1”

Thank you for the question. I had to do a little research before answering your question since time has dulled my memory. I could not locate the exact source and 50,000,000 does sound like a very high number of martyrs, so for the sake of truthfulness, I did some verification. It is granted that Catholics typically give a much lower number and Protestants give much higher numbers. The Protestant numbers range from a low count of 50,000,00 to 68, 100, 120, and 150 million. These numbers include those killed directly and indirectly by the Catholic Church covering the whole period of the Dark Ages as well as the Reformation period. I remember noticing the different numbers and decided to choose the lower number since it came from the well-known book by John Dowling, “History of Romanism” but may not include those martyred by the Protestant Church. So, actually 50,000,000 may be a conservative number and I may have consulted this book.

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