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Suicide Activist on the Gaza Flotilla

Right now as the time clock ticks within the last and final seconds before Christ returns I am seeing very little from Christians in support for Israel. It is in these last seconds that Christian backbone is tested. From what I have seen very many Christians are either finding neutral ground, where they don’t have to show any commitment one way or the other, or they are coming out against Israel, which they think is the far safest bet.

Don’t let the media make a fool out of you, they are playing Satan’s game, and they will lose.


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Brother, with all due respect, your statement "I am seeing very little from Christians in support for Israel" is amphibolous. Do you mean most Christians should support Israel? Do you mean they should suppor the Israeli government? On what basis? Do you not read the prophets? What the current regime is doing to Palestinians violates almost everything in the OT about treating strangers who come into your land with dignity, and corresponds with nothing Jesus ever said on his sermon on the mount.
If you mean that most Christians should support Israel, you might want to do some research on Israeli activities in Palestine over the past century. Israel is a fascist, racist, and militant oligarchy that has engaged in genocide and oppressed millions of Palestinians going on four generations. Real Christians would not support that and do not, and they would realize that a flotilla around Gaza is simply an aspect of another arbitrary military siege. Is it all Israel doing the fighting? Of course not. Hamas and the PLO and the PLA are all bad guys and have all engaged in wanton violence, the manipulation of public perception, and distorted religious creed. However, to support the current Israeli regime is not incomparable to supporting a nascent third Reich. All one has to do is to look at Jewish proclamations that their State is a Jewish (racial) one, echoing something Hitler declared about Germany being a place for the German people. It is only because most Christians sympathize with Jews over Arabs that Israel, which is by far a regional hegemon, is made to look like the underdog. 
Second, most Christians don't even know there's an attack on the flotilla (which will always be spun as an attack if they break the law to get food and supplies to starving kids in Gaza), so they support Israel because their pastors tell them they have to. Furthermore, most Christians, like most people, don't care. Give them sports, give them video games, pornography, movies, fine fashion, and food and church and they're content to enjoy their lives. Such is the life of a prole. 
End times apologetics which conveniently glosses over continual war crimes by Israel at the very least evinces poor research and the need for authentic scholarship and broadened experience. At the worst it smacks of hypocrisy to the 13th power.


I am sorry to see that your tone has turned so militant. I have chosen to not respond in like manner.

I am very aware that many Christians hold your views, but I am not one of them. I personally think your views are wrong; but they are your views and you are entitled to them. In my estimation it is not an issue worth dividing brothers; it has more to do with private observations of worldly matters and politics. I have looked at the arguments from both sides and a line can be drawn right down the middle of the pros and cons equally dividing the opinions.

Do I support Israel? Yes. First of all we are admonished to not resist the powers that be, and to pray for them; and I don’t find in Israel all the terrible things you portray them to be. What I do find is an affinity toward Israel, which many Christians share. I think that that affinity is due in part to our relationship to God. The separation or isolation from the world that we share creates a kind of solidarity, at least from the Christian side, as a chosen people, for we know that, “. . . not all who are descended from Israel belong to Israel.” Christians, being the real Israel, are those who were foreshadowed by the Old Testament writings. I cannot despise the Nation of Israel any more than I can despise the Old Testament for being the foreshadow of the New Testament.

I see in Israel a picture of myself and the Church, one rejected and one accepted, one the natural vine and one grafted in. The pitfalls of the Nation of Israel also foreshadow the pitfalls of the Church. What was grafted-in can be grafted-out, and rejected. The Nation of Israel is still the natural people of God, just like the Old Testament is still the Word of God. Do we not have an affinity toward the whole Old Testament? Are we to despise a part of it because we see the errors of its ways and the need of something better? Are we to reject the object lesson of the Old for the fulfillment of the New?

The Jews are a special people, with a special purpose; and as Christians we should love them with a love they cannot comprehend, as we love all of blinded humanity. But, what has become apparent in Christendom today is that we, like the Jews, have become an obstinate stiff-neck people, and refuse to embrace a Savior of blood and flesh, and a sacrifice pinned to a board. We have rejected the grossness and vulgarity of the Old Testament with its repulsive laws, repulsive sacrifices, and its repulsive people, for a nice white, clean, pure, non-offensive New Testament, that finds it bases in anything other than “repulsion” and filth. The Jews are still fulfilling their purpose, and if God has not rejected the Old Testament, then He has not rejected the purpose of a chosen people.

I would caution believers not to reject something God has not rejected; what He has cut-off, He is able to reattach.

God’s purpose for the Jews is for Christians to see the condition of their own hearts and to always see their need of being cleansed and sanctified at the Laver of the Tabernacle, as pictured in the Old Testament, Who is Jesus.

Thanks for writing Barney,

Steve Blackwell

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