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Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World


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Oh the death of an American citizen is sooooo funny! If one death is funny, maybe 6 million is hilarious. How about posting some holocaust jokes next!

What does it take to get peoples attention to the fact that it is not Israel who is at fault here? I am certainly not laughing at the death of anyone, not even a terrorist. A lot of people will listen to satire when the open truth is boring to them.

I, and this site, IndyWatchman, stand with Israel, and Israel’s God, who discovers truth in men’s hearts, then judges it. And, yes, many have laughed at the holocaust because it involved the Jews, of which the world hates. There will not be another holocaust and that scares a lot of those same people, Israel has grown up. Their laughter will turn to tears when they realize they have chosen sides against God, and not Israel at all. These things are happening so that men will know that it is God who is orchestrating the history that He has foretold in His Word through prophecy.

Be careful on which side of the line you are standing. When all the odds are against Israel, then God will move and judge the rebellious.

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