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Now that the Election is Over?

Now that the election is over, is anyone going to make the argument that America is still a Christian nation?

Now that the election is over, the logical next question is, where did we go wrong?

Now that the election is over, is it time to change our political strategy?

What should Christians do, now that the election is over?

Maybe that is the problem, men doing!

Has it ever crossed your mind that Christians have gotten way off the narrow path, and shouldn’t be involved in politics to cure our ills in the first place?

In Proverbs we read, “When a man’s ways please the Lord He maketh even his enemies to live at peace with him.” Proverbs 16:7. It is the Lord folks, the Lord, not men or policies that cure our ills.

What has right-wing conservative politics gotten us? Divorce between Christians has exceeded even the unbelievers. Have we gained any ground against abortion or perversion? And we have no competition when it comes to greed; Americans are off the chart; but we take great pride in our charity to the poor and downtrodden as we drop a few bucks in the bucket at Christmas, but turn our backs on the man or woman at the corner claiming they “will work for food.” I could go on about “just wars” and how we are a “Christian nation,” founded on Christian principles, and how great our system is compared to the “others.” Then there is pornography, produced and viewed by Christians; and shady business practices, and tax evasion, and employee theft, and alcohol consumption, and television addiction, etc., etc.

The point is, we are seeing our nation crumble, our families decimated, our children committing suicide, going to jail, or becoming sex junkies, our enemies knocking down our buildings, and America despised and mocked everywhere; and why?–– because our ways– do not– please the Lord. If our ways did please God what would we expect to see in our nation? You know the answer!

Instead of missions delivering the Gospel to our people we lobby and march and organize for political action to legislate morality.

When Christians in America read the Bible you would think that there was absolutely nothing said about any of these issues above. The New Testament speaks “LOUDLY” –on these subjects, but you wouldn’t know it by the lives of American Christians.

Can we finally be honest and confess that all the playing church has not earned us any favor with God. He sees our worthless display of worship and turns His back. Really! what has bands, pews, steeples, gowns, podiums, 501c3 tax exemptions, church planting, downloaded speeches, twin video screens, vacation mission trips, fund-raisers, brick and mortar buildings called “churches,” candles, lights, labyrinths, plans and programs, and gymnasiums done to connect men to their God? The one thing He demands is the one thing missing, obedience! “Why do you call me Lord and do not the things I ask?” “If you love me obey Me.”

Our nation is a stumbling drunkard with a Bible under its arm, who believes only in itself, and thinks it is–Christian. We do not believe the Bible! How do I know that, because our nation is being taken from us and given to our enemies to suppress us and chastise us, and hopefully awaken us. This same scenario was like a broken record in the life of Israel, and do we think we are any different. America has prostituted itself to the world and loves its new look; the fashionable harlot, plying it trade on every corner. We don’t go to religious buildings to worship God we go for an emotional fix. The junkie that puts a needle in his arm is more honest than the average Christian; at least he knows exactly what he is doing, and why he is doing it.

Are you beginning to see that faith is trusting in what the Lord says, and believing that He will do it, apart from our efforts? This has much to do with understanding the meaning of the Sabbath rest. The Sabbath doesn’t mean going to a religious building once a week. It means to cease from our own works and to rest in a God who is Almighty and able to carry out what He promises, if we will obey.

The last religious building I attended, Eagle Alliance Church in Whitestown Indiana, was claimed to be the work of God. The pastor stood on the stage with arms spread out, in great admiration of his building, and shouted to the audience, “that only God could do this.” Only God could build that building? Really!? If he would have gone outside at night and lifted his hands toward the starry heaven and made that claim, “only God could do this,” then he would have been correct. If he would have gone outside and looked at the skyline of Indianapolis during the day he might have come to his senses, because you see, those tall buildings were all built by men, every one of them, not God, and their accountants could account for every nut and bolt; and New York, and San Francisco, all built by mere men. His little building is nothing in comparison, but what brashness, what pride, what ignorance of the power of Almighty God. Do we dare propose to build something with our tiny hands and then claim that only God could do that? If we do, we are not aware of the true, living, all-powerful God who created all things. If we do we serve a false god of our own making, no different than if we had carved it from a block of wood. If we do, then we do not know the God who brings forth from fiat, by decree, by command, from nothing, and calls that which isn’t as if it were.

How can man re-engineer perfection? When man tries to do that it is not called faith, it is called presumption and rebellion, both of which make God angry, and causes Him to withdraw His favor. This is what we are seeing in America. We cannot force God’s hand or turn His words around and use them against Him. We cannot build something with our own plans and efforts, call it faith, hang a cross over it, and then make the claim that God did it, and expect His blessing. We cannot do that in a religious building and we can do it in Government. James Dobson tried it with his Focus on the Family by using worldly psychology and claimed God’s blessing, but where has it gotten us. The focus was in the wrong place! The truth is, we are a people without a will to follow Jesus. John 7:17 states that, “Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.” Without the will to follow Christ all we are left with is our own will, and we can expect the things that we build and do to look like the things men make and do. If we look at all the stuff we call Christianity today it looks just like what a man would build; it has the fingerprints of man all over it.

As we draw closer to the end time more and more people will begin to wake-up and see the lie that they have lived; we have all been drawn into that trap, but we have the key to escape, and it is real trust and faith in the living God, and not the cheap replicas being peddled.

God has control over what happens in America and the world and He has given us a choice, to live now and then face a very long death; or to die to self and the world’s way of doing things now, and live forever in the New Land.

In all that God is doing, He is helping us make the right decision.

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Thanks for the encouragement, exhortations, and suggestions!  The need for discernment seems only to be increasing.  I had no idea that TAS's books were available free of charge (I bought mine through Seed Sowers), but it is certainly consistent with who he was that this should be the case. 

Thanks for the open door!  Reading through your blog, I have been struck by the similarities in our backgrounds: age (OK, I'm a FEW years younger), church history (Alliance), and years of involvement in organized church (doing everything from teaching children's Sunday School to janitorial duties, Bible study leader, nursery care, elder, pulpit supply, etc.).  I was even the chair of the committee that selected a new pastor who eventually decided to yoke our congregation with the Willow Creek Association.  During the last 15 years or so, I have increasingly found myself "outside the camp" (as T. Austin-Sparks would say), not by preference, but because I kept trying to choose Christ over men (or maybe because He chose me?).  I went through a deep grieving process that I would liken to a divorce (although, thankfully, I've never gone through a real divorce).  I really, really, really doubted myself (how can I be the only one who sees this?!?), especially because leaving the organized church affected my wife and two sons, as well.  We've found a home fellowship that at least doesn't profane God's Name with sanctioned carnality, but it's blogs such as this one that let me know I'm not crazy (along with authors such as the aforementioned TAS).  So thanks for doing this and putting your thoughts out for the "world to see".  It really helps the distressed and downrodden, and I trust that in these "evil days", the Lord will direct true seekers to places where "true food and true drink" (John 6:55) are served!         


It appears that many are on the same path of recovery from institutionalized Christianity; but it is no surprise to find similarities in our progression. We are not unlike the criminal who finds himself at the end of the path doing hard time for his misdeeds and comes to his senses due to the crisis. It seems that it is only then that we can comprehend the tragedy of our past and turn with conviction to repent and listen to the truth. And, it is no surprise to find that the Kingdom is made-up of such forgiven sinners. T. A. Sparks understands this completely. He writes of his own progress along this road, and the rejection he experienced because of truth. I’m glad you have discovered him; what a blessing he has been to me. Early on when I was just coming to my senses I found a quote by Sparks that alerted me to “a man of like passion” as myself. I went in search for his books, but could not find any. The book sellers had never heard of him; how could that be, a man of such conviction and no one carries his books? Then I went online and found a Church in Oklahoma who boxed up every book they had of his and sent them to me, free of charge. It is their ministry to provide Sparks writings free of charge to push back the darkness. The bookstores don’t carry them because they must be given away according to Spark’s wishes; and of course the bookstores won’t carry anything they can’t turn a profit on, regardless that Sparks was following Jesus in not making merchandise of the ecclesia.

You are so right about being alone; but you aren’t really. there are many who have come to their senses. They may not all be at the same point along the road, but the Lord is moving and His Spirit is calling true believers out of the Babylonian harlot to prepare for His return. Only be careful, there are some who are following a deception; the Devil never gives up trying to get back what he has lost. There are many false teachers who call themselves by enticing names like “The Emerging Church,” NAR i.e. New Apostolic Reformation, Intentional Communities (not all of them are bad), and even “Home” churches. There has never been a time when discernment in the Church was more needed than today; so be careful. I would recommend Lighthouse Trails blog as a place to read about much that is going on inside the organized Church, and of course a good knowledge of Scriptures.

Thanks and God bless you,

Steve Blackwell

As a relatively new "lurker" at this site, I have found much "bread from heaven" on which to feed (only Christ satisfies)… 
Above you wrote:
"The last religious building I attended, Eagle Alliance Church in Whitestown Indiana, was claimed to be the work of God. The pastor stood on the stage with arms spread out, in great admiration of his building, and shouted to the audience, “that only God could do this.” Only God could build that building?"
For those with "eyes to see" and "ears to hear", this encapsulates so much of what is amiss in "Christendom".  I have only recently come to see the parable of the mustard seed in this light, and I no longer see "birds of the air nesting in the branches" as a good thing!
Grace to you!



Your comment is much appreciated. I’m glad your eyes have been opened. I still have many friends who attend Eagle and other like Churches who refuse to open their eyes to the obvious. I must admit it took me many years to see, but it is all perfectly clear now, and plain as daylight. Jesus has so much more for us than we can comprehend; if only we would read His word and do what He says.

Stop by any time, the door is never locked.

Steve Blackwell

Just want to say thank you and encourage you to keep up the faithful work. I felt so alone for many years until i found your web site and a few others teaching what really needs to be said to the called out ones. May the Lord continue to bless all that you do.


Knowing that I am helping you is a great encouragement to me, and I sincerely do appreciate these short note from people who visit IndyWatchman.

Thank you,

Steve Blackwell

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