Missing Our Lady


It’s been nearly a year since she went away and it’s no easier now than it was on that day.

Some would say that “you’re getting carried away” and it is true,

Writing poetry about a dog with nothing better to do.

But, Lady was sunshine and a Spring shower, like a bouquet of love and fresh-cut flowers. She made us laugh when the world made us cry and on the day she departed I believed I could die.

Her memory is pleasant and I embrace the sadness, and the thought of her silliness still rewards me with gladness.

In Lady arose a more sober side, and as she grew older it was hard to hide. She was trying to tell us that soon she would leave, her manner had changed yet still determined to please.

Then she slipped away quietly, in the middle of the night, and without a complaint, she took her flight.

Now we’re alone without our girl, left to reminisce old pictures and write wacky words.

Yes, I know it’s silly but I think you’ll understand,

We fell in love with a dog, because we’re only human.

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