A Secret Garden

IndyWatchman ~

Something for my friends from my secret garden. I suppose we all have that place where we go to get away and think and pray and mediate on where we’re at and where we’re going. Sometimes we go alone and sometimes we get swept along with the tide and we find ourselves in a crowd of turmoil wondering what’s next. For a change of pace I listened to Hauser playing Secret Garden and I let the music take me to a different place away from the turmoil, fuss, and anxiousness. King David knew about that place and so did Jesus and the Apostles. It is a place of communion with old friends where peace flows like a river and all the anxiousness goes away. That garden is here now and waiting and we can all have access to it, but only in the spirit that can’t be harmed by swirling angelic swords. So many people love the turmoil of the flesh but give me that secret garden.

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