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House Church

For the past five or six years I have been trying to get the word out about the overarching intrusion of evil into mainstream Christianity. The result of this effort, for me and my family, has been to withdraw from institutional Christianity and to worship and be instructed at home. I would like to say, that our work has been a success, and that God has rewarded us with visible results: manifestations of joy (better known to the flesh as happiness), strength and stature, wisdom to make right choices, and an infectious posture so as to create a like desire in others. I must say, that has not been the case. All the things listed above, and many more, have been the desire of our hearts, to be able to display to the world the goodness of God, and not necessarily God’s own desire for us. Our walk has been very lonely, our message depressing, our stature, one of weakness, and our joy, well, I can say with surety that it has not been the “happiness” the world enjoys, but has matured into a deep-seated rest in the faithfulness of the Almighty, and not the giddiness or tingling of the flesh.


We have remained faithful in our separation, and although I do desire fellowship, the mere thought of returning the saccharin of organized religion leaves me nauseous. We have been blessed with the knowledge that there are many others whom God has delivered also, and have had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of them living in the Indianapolis area, but a lasting bond has not developed. God’s work in us is not complete. The purging and refining process goes on.


The simplest things in the spirit can bring the greatest relief, refreshing, and revitalizing to the inner man: the revelation of some verse of Scripture, a word spoken in due season, experiencing the fulfillment of prophecy, receiving word of some saints victory, or the knowledge that the true Church is again growing, breaking through the fertile soil of testing and trials, reaching for the Light, and beginning to bear a long awaited bounty for the Kingdom. Getting word from some distant place that the Church is growing and strong is great encouragement for me, like a Spring rain bringing life giving nourishment, causing the wilting and weak limbs to stand against an increasingly hot and blowing Satanic force.


The following videos are just such a “Spring rain.” They will give you hope and determination to continue to stand in the storm. God is at work through His saints, rebuilding the walls, clearing the debris, closing the breach, fortifying the doors, ridding the city of sin, and calling His children out of the world.


house church Part 1of6


house church Part 2of6


house church Part 3of6


house church Part 4of6


house church Part 5of6


house church Part 6of6



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Thanks for the visit.

Another thing that seems to disturb others somewhat is when we are questioned about some TV  program or sports contest and respond with ,"I don't know about that, we don't own a television." One lady came back with the answer, "I've heard about people like you, but I have never actually met one."  It has been a great conversation starter, but has never led to a conversion.

I have tried to remain straight with God, visitors, and myself, as to the content I put on IndyWatchman, and not be swayed by personal interest or fear of retribution by visitors. After coming out of the institutional church I started reexamining everything I ever believed about Christianity and it has put me at odds with very many, and has cost me substantially in regards to friendship. We can handle the light of truth being shined on others, and even receive applause, but when that light reflects on our own cherished system or institution we resist the examination.  Most will only go so far with the results of a critical inspection of the house they have built. Truth is, that nearly any are up to code, and are found to be unsafe places for human abode.

Well, you get the drift. I do try and remain open minded to the fact that I am wrong in my evaluations on occasion and I am not above having to apologize. The work must go on. My hand is on the plow, and the end is nearing.

Thanks again and blessings,


Steve Blackwell

You've captured my thoughts exactly.
It's "amusing" to visit with other Christians and watch their expressions when they learn we don't go to "church".  A similar reaction would be when someone learns that a person chooses to remain single, and responds by becoming an unwanted matchmaker!
Just this morning, I was sent an invitation from a well-meaning friend to attend their very large and busy Baptist church.  I already know what to expect there!
I wish my husband was as convicted to stay home as I am, but he feels that we're disobeying somehow, by not communing with the saints.  He doesn't follow-up with the subtle false things creeping into the body, so that duty has fallen into my lap, and yet,  I think he thinks I'm just making excuses or something {sigh}.  Perhaps I can persuade him to watch this series of videos.
Thank you for this article.  I've enjoyed perusing your blog as well, together with reading your occasional comments over at Vee's!
Take care,

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