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Can You Hear Me Now!

communicationRemember the fairly recent Verizon commercial that kept repeating the question, “Can you hear me now!” ? Well, that could be God trying to get through. If your kids are hanging out with a bunch of rough looking individuals, you wouldn’t ask, “do you think there is a problem here?” If your husband has taken to playing on-line poker everyday after work would you ask him if he thought it was becoming an addiction? If your wife was receiving numerous phone calls from a male associate at work, wouldn’t red flags go up? If your son is wearing a tee shirt with the picture of a marijuana leaf on it, do you think he might be smoking it too? These are all rhetorical questions, you already know the answer to them. How come we can be so discerning when it comes to these questions inside our families but can not see the signs inside our local Church? There are those parents, husbands, and wives who simply will not see the obvious. They think their mate or child can be trusted, or more likely it is either fear of man or fear of disturbing their comfort zone. There are also those, I should say the majority, inside the Church who simply will not see the obvious. I wonder if any of these excuses will be accepted by God. Can you hear me?

We talk about being spiritual and wanting to hear from God and pretend we get the answers to all our prayers, just exactly the way we prayed them. We pray that our child should go to a certain school, and sure enough, there he or she is, in that school. We pray about that business opportunity, and we make it materialize right before our eyes. We pray about a certain church and become convinced that that is where God wants us. We can hear God real good when it concerns something we want, but we seem to have a hard time with the other stuff.

How does the Holy Spirit first initiate contact with us? Through signs and wonders? Through a registered letter? No!, not that He couldn’t, but we must be able to use the equipment He has installed in this very complex piece of machinery, called the human body, to pick-up His voice. The air-waves have become contaminated with all kinds of foreign signals, that in most cases come through much clearer than the communication from our Leader. Moore’s Code was one of the devises used as a way to receive clear instruction from the command post when words were garbled with interference. In the spiritual world we desperately need clear instructions from our Leader, and time is of the essence. Today, the air waves are crowded with false messages, mis-information, lies, false promises, deception, static, and lots of “good reasons” why we should listen to the very clear message of the deceiver. God’s ways have never been difficult to those who understand His ways. There is a way to hear His voice and survive the madness that is here now, and the absolute chaos that is about to arrive. God has given us a very good devise to be able to cut through the chatter and receive the truth from Him. In our inner workings He have installed a receiving devise called the “conscience” that collects information, deciphers it and sends it to the command post called our heart. It is not tons of information unloaded on us all at once, but pieces of “code” that we can interpret if we have the cipher, the key to unlock the message; the cipher is the Bible, the code is the alerts that we receive on a daily basis, instructing us to turn right, left, or move ahead. I call these coded messages doubts, red flags, pricks to our conscience, guilt, or flash alerts. We receive these everyday and we need to listen to them. John 7:17 tell us that when we decide to believe His coded messages and trust Him with action, it is then, and only then, that we will know for sure that what Jesus said, was on good authority, and that His words were not just the words of a mere man. Can you hear me now!?

If you can not understand the simple direction given by the spirit as a red flag that says, STOP, but you try to convince others that God has given specific instructions on school, or job, or church, well, your receiver may be picking up a wrong signal or information, or may be broken or “seared.” But, to be able to test your equipment, to see if it is indeed working, takes “FAITH.” Faith is that element that tells you that, with out a doubt, you have heard from the Commander In Chief, and not gotten mixed up with a lot of bad air. Faith will most likely NOT lead you where you think you should go, but it will be the right way, and you must keep going and following, even if it doesn’t make sense. The battle is yours to be won, if you can hear through all the noise. If you can hear ME (God) expect your life to change. God, the Holy Spirit is the ultimate change agent, not pastors, or builders, or the boys on the board, it is God. Today the master of deceit owns the air waves, but God has left one avenue open, and it is still working for some.

It is easy to trust our driving desires and go across the country and rip up our family for a few dollars raise, and call it “advancement.” It is easy to pretend that God has answered a prayer to build a new home, or a new church building, or to help in promoting it. The conscience of our country does not hear God today, it is obvious, just like it is obvious when your child wears that disgusting shirt. These things are obvious in our lives also, and is made apparent by those we find ourselves hanging out with, or endorsing, or associating with in any number of ways. The link below is worth reading, it is simply one of those “red flags” that should put us on alert. The message that Cedarville is sending does not match the cipher (the key) i.e. The Bible, and they are endorsing the wrong people. These kinds of faulty messages are coming in from all quarters and the Holy Spirit is screaming STOP if we can hear. Apparently not many are hearing, the enemy is taking much ground, right in our backyards, and very few are engaged in the battle. If we can hear, God is calling, “Can you hear Me now.”

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