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Tony Jones Says “Death to Homeschooling!”

This article by Tony Jones caught my attention because of the title. Why would someone write an article entitled Death to Homeschooling!? The article itself simply states the reason he doesn’t send his kid to public French immersion, charter school, or private school, or homeschool; but he doesn’t condemn any of the others, only homeschool. […]

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Tony Jones A Believer????

For the life of me I cannot read anything Tony Jones has written or said without coming to the conclusion that he is an unabashed un-believer who flaunts his own intelligence as superior to God. His latest rant over at Patheos liberal blog illustrates clearly that he is a proud, boastful, un-believer. Here he takes […]

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Tony Jones Un-defines “Liberal”

Tony Jones, in his March 6th addition to his blog, Society for Pentecostal Studies Paper: Definitions, says he is not a liberal, which is interesting, considering the fact that he is not only liberal, but he is very liberal. Tony is so liberal that he thinks he may be conservative, or that he is neither […]