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Eden’s Bridge – El Shaddai

Grace has a way of softening a heart. I have been a Christian for many years, and serving the Lord of all creation is not a thing I am ashamed of, but there is a thing I am ashamed of, and that is that when I look into the face of the Lamb, I am not like Him. Every time I am reminded of my short coming I hang my head, and I am ashamed. I have learned that when this occurs that He removes a little piece of that old stony heart. Have you ever been by yourself and come face-to-face with your shame? Our selfishness becomes so apparent when we see the beauty of His perfection. The contrast is very plain, and very humbling. To see Him in all His Glory is to share in His perfection and receive one more installment towards His likeness. I look forward to that day when I receive that final installment and stand before Him clothed with a garment from His own wardrobe. I know that I have the earnest of that right now, but that day will be Glory. Enjoy the short music video, and see yourself before the Lamb.

Steve Blackwell

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