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Free Speech, Conspiracy theories, Fundamentalists and the End Times.

I’ve noted several times in previous posts my belief that as we draw close to the end of the age, Biblically literate Christians (and those who are just paying attention) will be sidelined and discounted as conspiracy theorists and fundamentalists. Occurrences of this very thing are increasing exponentially.

Kevin Bracken high-profile Australian Labour member has brought down on his head the ire of everyone from the PM to the talking heads of the popular media for daring to question the official account of 911.

via Trades Hall president Kevin Bracken stands by his 9/11 conspiracy | Herald Sun.

Not unexpectedly he has been branded with the tag “conspiracy theorist” and insulted and mocked, with calls for him to be fired. But hang on a minute isn’t freedom of speech one of the pillars of our society? Since when did free speech only apply to politically correct speech?

Now I don’t actually know what Mr Bracken’s personal views are regarding what happened on that tragic day, but if he is simply raising the question on whether the official account is dubious, then he’s right. Any one doing a few minutes research on the net will realise the accepted story has more holes in it than Rob Bell’s theology and for those who think that the political and media elite wouldn’t mislead us…you’re kidding right?

Have you noticed that every tragedy and crisis in recent years has led to more and more power being given to less and less people? This is not an accident it’s a clearly spelled out tactic of global elitists. Crises = opportunity

For students of the Bible we know the last days are to be times of massive deceit by the powers that be and massive delusion accepted by the general populace.

We can expect to see several things becoming more and more common in these times we find ourselves in.

Globalist goals will increase in fervour in the realm of government, economy and religion.

Lies, deceptions and scams will increase in frequency and intensity. Read global warming, global crises, global crackdown on free speech regarding sexual perversions, religious imperialism and socialist intentions of governments, the right to life for the pre-born, nearly born and just born, as well as for those who are ill, old or deemed useless by useless beauracrats.

Biblical truth will be sidelined even more than it is with the words of the Most High God judged by low men as hate speech or delusional.

Many, many churches will toe the party line and relinquish their mandate to preach the word of God in lieu of protection from the state. It’s been said before that those who give up freedom for security will end up with neither.

We have lived through a period in recent history where the values of society loosely echoed biblical values. This is a result of the dying embers of previous moves of the Holy Spirit, but those days are rapidly coming to an end. The thin veneer of civilisation has given way to reveal the base and wicked heart of unredeemed humanity.

I don’t know if Kevin Bracken is a follower of Christ (I guess it’s unlikely), I don’t know if he’s ever read the scriptures but he is discovering the biblical truth that those who take a stand for truth will be persecuted by those who benefit from deceit as well as by those who are to lazy or brainwashed to think for themselves.

Christians can expect more of this. If they speak out God’s moral standards to a society that has lost it’s way in a mire of immorality, they will be branded haters, intolerant and that worst of epithets, Fundamentalists. If they declare what God has forewarned about the future of society and point out the steps as they are being taken by the globalist elite, they will be mocked as conspiracy theorists. Despite all that our task is clear and the power to accomplish it available. The gospel still needs to be preached. Our God still reigns and He and He alone still deserves our worship.

It’s not natural for us to accept ridicule, mockery and persecution, but the Lord Jesus exhorts us.

Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you

Matthew 5:11-12

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