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The “churched,” the “unchurched,” and the hyper-churched

  by glennchristopherson         Let me fly my colours straight up. I would rather be unchurched and saved, than churched and unsaved. This concept of targeting the unchurched has its modern manifestation beginnings with the “seeker friendly” movement, but it’s really just a rehashing of the ancient Papal heresy of, “there is no salvation outside the church.” […]

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Secularists and Religionists Join Forces Against Christ

 by glennchristopherson Two news stories in recent days caught my attention. The first reported that the Education Department (Australia) has decided in their new curriculum to remove the dating reference points BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini, ie in the year of our Lord) and replace them with BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) The cultural vandals […]

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Death by Niceness

by glennchristopherson I know a lot of nice people and some of them are Christians. But somehow some of God’s people have been convinced that niceness is the name of the game…well it’s not. Now of course I’m not advocating that we should go out and be deliberately rude and insensitive and crass. But to be […]

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The Issue Is WHO You Worship

   by glennchristopherson Recently I listened to a  debate on radio discussing the issue “Does religion cause more harm than good?” Because I knew without doubt the answer to this question, (of course it does)I listened with interest to hear the views expressed. In one corner was a Right Reverend someone or other (I had never heard of […]

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A Letter to a Brother (Involved With the World Council of Churches.)

  by glenn christopherson Dear brother, You have recently contacted me and kindly asked me to be involved with your prayer ministry. Part of your letter states that you follow the World Council of Churches (WCC) prayer schedule. Unfortunately I can not be involved in your group and in fact I must say with respect I am emphatically against what […]

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His Word is His Bond

  In a time, not so long ago, a man of character would be referred to as a man of his word. It might be said of him, “His word is his bond”. This was the era, now gone, when it was a compliment to call some one God-fearing.  Now is the era of the likeable […]

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And the sheep shepherd themselves

  It just recently occurred to me through a comment by a sister on another blog. The sheep are shepherding themselves. To peruse the Christian blogosphere, by and large (there are some notable exceptions) the ones blowing the trumpet and warning the flock of danger are the uncredentialed, unordained but Holy Spirit- sensitized sheep. The big name shepherds […]

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Your Opinion Could Be the Death of You

  by glennchristopherson       I’m not sure if it’s a recent phenomena, but I keep coming across Christians with “opinions”. And often I find when I give a scriptural backing to my argument on some topic, someone will say, “That’s just your opinion” Now opinions can be ok in certain contexts, football teams, weather, holiday […]

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Where lies the Battle

by glennchristopherson   I don’t have a doctorate in theology. I don’t even know how to spell PhD. In fact it seems to me too many theologians spend their time inventing $10 words to promote 2 bob heresies. But I do read the Bible and I do take notice of what’s happening in  church circles around […]

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What Would Jesus Build?

  This is an article by my friend and regular contributor to this blog, Glenn Christopherson. Glenn has a clear understanding of the problems of the age in which we live. I pray that you will take the time to read and think about what Glenn is saying. Comment if you like, but don't just […]