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And The World Turns

As we watch the world tumble and turn, and the organized church slips into apostasy, words start taking on new value, meaning, and understanding, both for the worldly Christian and for those enlightened souls who recognize the fulfillment of end-time prophecy. We have witnessed, in our generation, the grand sermons of talented preachers, with their endless chatter, flowing like a fermented mash, too inebriated crowds, bellying up to the bar for a round of worldly religion, and see them stumble home, and still manage to confess, in the face of their sin, their creedal and national allegiance, then fall for the umpteenth time while convinced, by their pastor, that they can live in the world and not be of it. They are not only in the world, they are awash in it; it covers them; they have become to the world, just, the “religious world,” no different than those outside, just more cocksure that’s all.

This is the “Church” in America. We have become the poster child of the Laodicean Church and we don’t even know it. We have fallen, and can’t get up, nor do we want to! Amos’ prophecy of a famine that would not be of food or water, but of the Word of God, describes the complacency and self-assurance the Laodicean Church has found feeding on corn husk and wallowing in the mire. The Church of Laodicea can not even conceive what is meant by “touch not the unclean thing.” Surely, to the Church in America, this only means: don’t get caught stealing or only get religious tattoos. Don’t say the g-d word; don’t lust after women openly while church members are with you; it’s O.K. to get married for the second and third time because God knows you need sex, and having ill feelings toward the homeless is acceptable, (because they’re probably all drug addicts, and losers anyway); don’t watch XXX rated movies, but the filth during halftime is O.K., and the list goes on, and on, and on. The Laodicean Church really has no qualms about doing any of the things listed above, that all the rest of the Church members are also doing, including the leaders, which is the same as the world is doing, only the world doesn’t have their “get out of jail free” card to play.

Being part of the status quo is comforting to them, and if one of their own happens to color outside the lines of satisfactory behavior, and go beyond the veil of their “cure-all” verses, it’s alright, there is an endless supply of forgiveness on hand. What in Heaven could the Lord have meant by “touch not the unclean thing” if everything we see in the organized Church, seemingly, meets His approval? I can assure you that the real meaning has much more to do with how we love Jesus (i.e. obedience) than it has with practicing acceptable Laodicean religion, whose highest goal is self-satisfaction, pleasing men, and appearing righteous and holy, while “looking good”: cars, clothes, hair, teeth, education, electronic gadgets, position, endorsements, acquaintances, neighborhood, nationality, race, etc, etc, etc. And the world keeps on turning.

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Thanks for another reminder of the spiritual realities that so few understand. It seems to me that one of the purposes of this time of unrest is to show those with “eyes to see” the difference between the wheat and tares. I am grieved to see so many professing Christians embrace the delusion that is sweeping the world, conditioning the lost for what lies ahead. It’s becoming more and more clear that the end times will indeed be a time of great apostasy. Isaiah 33 speaks of such times and promises stability for those who fear the Lord!

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