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Thinking of Christ

Thinking of Christ

I am not a big fan of Christmas. I am sure that Christ does not recognize December 25th as His birthday, and for good reason, it was a date plucked from the air by those who were more politician than Christian. If it really were the birth date of Jesus and we were commanded by Scripture to recognize it as such then it is likely that the pagans would have nothing to do with it. But, like Easter, Christmas is a pagan holiday instituted to achieve a particular purpose. 

So, to forgo being tagged as a heretic, I also recognize that Jesus was born into this world and that He is the Son of the Living God; He just wasn’t born on December 25th. Nor does it matter when He was born. It was the result of that birth that matters and not the fact of it. On December 26th the pagans and all the moderate Christians will begin to gear-up for their real celebration that comes a week later on New Year’s Eve.

Like all things Christian today it doesn’t matter what the reason is, just go along and party, and by all means, don’t mention the TRUTH.

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Given that God’s ways are NOT man’s ways, it’s not too surprising that Jesus instructed His followers to remember His death and resurrection; but today His supposed birthday is a month-long celebration amongst those who call themselves Christians. Of course, a baby in a manger is not very threatening to our lifestyles. But the word picture of our Lord described in the Book of Revelation is less comforting…

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