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The Questionable Cross

Signs of Life

The cross is conspicuously and inescapably

Opposed to everything I think and see,

And I’m to trust and be willing;

When in His mercy there’s killing?

The cross was repugnant and incongruity

I could not accept this, this blood-love seizing me.

That mystery possessed me, though resisting unbending,

God’s goodness toward some, and to others life ending.

Then my own soul lay wounded, God’s casualty,

In thought and in body, still determined to flee.

A free wind in the world, against truth blowing,

Like a bird in a window, I could escape unknowing.

His Book’s words spoke soundly, but His justice uneased,

His price for acquittal no man could appease.

So His Son paid it all, with no sense of loss

He laid it all on the ground and then climbed on a cross.

The end of the story is glorious indeed,

God’s justice is severe and yet now we’re set free.

I am yet in this world and will rejoice at passing,

To be lost in Christ’s love for life everlasting.

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