The Blossoming Disregard for Truth

I have never experienced a time in my life when there is such a blossoming disregard for truth, and specifically, religious and spiritual truth. Those institutions and organizations that once stood firm for, and promoted, truth, are blatantly turning their backs and discounting revealed Biblical truth for a mystical pretense embraced and propagated by the Catholic Church. The Protestant children of the Catholic Church are now following a demonic Pied Piper, who seduces its prey with feel good sermons, New Age personal peace, the ecumenical unity of all men, communication with the dead, personal spirit guides, and Eastern spirituality.

The following You Tube video with Dave Hunt, and his views on the woman who rides the beast in Revelation 17, are relevant for the day and age in which we are living.

Many people are flocking to the Catholic Church like flies drawn to a rotting corpse, and they cannot tell you why, except with trite answers like, “I am a cradle Catholic,” “The Catholic Church was the first Church,” “Bob Marley was Catholic (Orthodox),” “I can live as I please,” “I like Pope Francis, and he’s against capitalism” “It’s either the Mega-Church or the Catholic Church,” or “Wherever the Catholic sun does shine, there’s music, laughter and good red wine,” and of course the classic response, “Can a billion people all be wrong?” Yes, a billion people can be wrong, as can many Protestants, if their answers are trite and uninformed concerning truth.

If truth matters to you please take the time to watch this video with an open mind and consider what is being said. If you do not agree with it at least be able to explain why you don’t agree. We all have about seventy years, give or take a few years, to figure it out, and then it is too late. If the Bible is the truth, as Catholics and Protestants believe it is, then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be sure.

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Thanks for this reminder from Dave Hunt. All one can say after viewing this video is that the movement within Evangelicalism to join with Rome during the past 30 years is spiritual blindness.

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