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Remembering A Friend

This week I was reintroduced to a good friend. This friend of mind has been home with the Lord for 29 years now and I can hardly listen to his music without going back in my head and heart to those days of youth; me and Marilyn fresh in our new birth listening to Keith Green and those crystal clear lyrics. Keith was born October 21, 1953 and died, along with two of his children, in an airplane accident, only 28 years old. Keith was unashamedly a Christian, and knew why he believed, and preached his belief through great music.

Marilyn and I would sit and listen to Keith and others and question, and probe, and search for truth. Keith’s ministry was a loud speaker in those days, penetrating our darkness with the light we craved. In the years since then many things and challenges have come and gone, but the search for truth in this world of darkness has never waned. To sit back and re-listen to all those wonderful songs fills me with sadness, sorrow, joy, and a vibrant life, which sometimes gets lost in our present circumstances. Keith's songs bring me back to what is important; he did it then, and he's doing it now.

I shed a tear for Keith and his wife, and for all those who are searching and just can’t seem to find anything solid to stand on. Be my guest and listen to this music video and allow Keith’s words speak to your heart.

We here at IndyWatchman love you.

Steve and Marilyn Blackwell 

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