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“Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States”

What the common Protestant Christian and citizen of the United States is ignorant of, was a well known fact with many, during the nineteenth century.

What was it that they, the common Christian, were ignorant of? Namely, the invasion of despotic Papal influence into the hard won civil liberties, which make up the foundation of this Nation.

I do not say “Christian liberties” because those liberties are the result of being born again and having the Spirit of God dwelling inside of us. But, it is this Christian liberty, the liberation of the soul from the bondage of the law, the liberty of conscience, that is rooted in Biblical Christianity, freeing us from the doctrines and commandments of men, which are, in any way, contrary to His Word, which is the cornerstone of true civil liberty. Today there is nary a word heard of this so dire an enemy. The awful result of not responding to this foe has been the nearly complete victory of, and even joining with, the Catholics in all their Pagan and heretical  beliefs.

Truth, and Protestant Christianity, the bloody and hard-fought prize of the Reformation, is diametrically opposed to that from which it has been freed:  mental and spiritual darkness, and the Roman Catholic Church. But, why the bloody protest? and why the present frightful silence? Is that, which was so hardily fought against, now our bosom buddy?

Are the words below, of Charles Spurgeon, still as true today as they were in January 1873?

Spurgeon—the superstition of Rome is the worst of all the evils which have befallen our race; may the Lord arise, and sweep it down to the hell from whence it arose.

Essence of lies, and quintessence of blasphemy, as the religion of Rome is, it nevertheless fascinates a certain order of Protestants, of whom we fear it may be truly said that "they have received a strong delusion to believe a lie, that they may be damned." Seeing that it is so, it becomes all who would preserve their fellow-immortals from destruction to be plain and earnest in their warnings. Not in a party-spirit, but for truth's sake, our Protestantism must protest perpetually. Dignitaries of the papal confederacy are just now very prominent in benevolent movements, and we may be sure that they have ends to serve other than those which strike the public eye. A priest lives only for his church; he may profess to have other objects, but this is a mere blind. Our ancient enemies have small belief in our common sense if they imagine that we shall ever be able to trust them, after having so often beheld the depths of Jesuitical cunning and duplicity. The sooner we let certain Archbishops and Cardinals know that we are aware of their designs, and will in nothing co-operate with them, the better for us and our country. Of course, we shall be howled at as bigots, but we can afford to smile at that cry, when it comes from the church which invented the Inquisition. "No peace with Rome" is the motto of reason as well as of religion.

We must have no truce, no treaty with Rome. War! War to the knife with her! Peace there cannot be.
C. H. S.

The unqualified answer is YES! his words still ring true today!  As the sun reaches its apogee and moves again to perigee, and the waves with regularity push up toward the sky, then back into the darkness, so the history of man upon the earth vacillates between hot and cold, light and darkness. The words of Spurgeon stands to warn us that even now we are moving back again into the darkness of embracing the anti-Biblical and paganistic ideas of Rome. 

Where can we expect the compromised, corrupted, Protestant leaders of 21 century Churches to lead us? Naturally, it would be backwards into falsehood, darkness, and delusion. The Bible warns us about how sensual the inclinations of the flesh are, and that at every opportunity it would attempt to lead us into fleshly worship experiences, through minute mixtures of paganism, with truth.

It is common and profitable for Pastors and authors to capitalize on this human weakness to pamper the flesh. True Christianity can be quite boring for the nominal believer compared to the flamboyance of pagan rituals that excite the flesh. The Christianity of Christ and the Apostles was of a simple nature, and a simple life, exemplified by the simplicity and pureness of worship and lifestyle, and not a flesh tingling experience. We should not be surprised, although we always are when we finally come into the light of truth, to find that there is, today, a near universal appeal to the flesh, through the senses, to grow Churches. The whole Catholic religion is based on the sensual, the experiential, the flesh, and consequently, the paganistic, to lure those, conditioned from birth, to un-conscientiously accept her teaching as the “gospel truth.”  These outward appeals , fashioning themselves to be “holy,” are the devises used to forge a strictly material organization called “church.” 

Is it any wonder that the now post-protestant church, being experientially based, finds little conflict with Catholicism, and seeks to capitalize on her proven methods of capturing souls for Jesus, and enslaving them to experiential forms of worship, rather than the freedom of simplicity? This is not conjecture, it is a fact!

A very well known, post-protestant author and professor (now deceased), Robert E. Webber writing to, “The Younger Evangelicals,” concerning, “facing the challenges of the new world” directs the young and naïve, who know nothing of their Protestant heritage, but know everything about the flesh, backwards into what he terms “ancient-future faith,” which is nothing but rehashed Catholicism and paganism, and does this without any kind of warning as to its origin. He does not advise these youngsters to investigate this mystical form of worship which generated the Inquisition and consequential death of 60,000,000 Christians for no other reason than they wanted to read the Bible, and understand it, as it is written. He does not highlight the fact that the so-called leaders were some of the most personally corrupt individuals to walk the planet. He does not remind us that the belief system of these ancient desert fathers rarely agreed with the Bible. These “fathers” interposed their own mystical gleanings over and above the Bible itself, and claimed their inspiration as valid; although it, in almost every case, conflicted with the words of Scripture. He, like the Catholic priest, minimizes Scripture and promotes experience to validate truth. Has the Catholic Church chosen to adopt the American way of freedom and partake of Reformation truth? No she has not reformed.

To give an example of where the post-protestant churches today are headed I will but reference the last commercial church I attended; Eagle Church (Christian and Missionary Alliance) in Whitestown, Indiana. While attending there it was not unusual to hear Eric Simpson, the assistant pastor, praise the Catholic Church. He would even take sabbaticals to monasteries. Eric has no respect for the multiplied millions who died to secure for him a pulpit to preach his duplicity. Eric is a closet Catholic duping the ignorant and leading souls back into darkness, where no salvation exist. Here is the web page where Eric promotes his love of Romanism.

Eagle Church is nowhere close to being the only example. If you would look closely at most “evangelical” Churches you will likely find the earmarks of the infiltration of paganistic Rome, either through spiritual formation, contemplative prayer,  the use of images, incense, lighting and sound effects, burning of candles, sacred spaces, sacred traditions, and many other things built upon multi-sensory, ancient-future, and vintage forms of worship, gleaned from the Roman Catholic Church.

The Church of Rome and the post-protestant evangelical church are kindred spirits, both promising the same thing, but by slightly different paths of experiences. What was once wrong and highly protested, not only by the faithful Church but also our founding fathers, is still wrong today. All of our preachers have become mute, who only speak sweetness, and are failing in their true calling to not only proclaim the Good News, but to warn the flock of the damning infiltration of Rome.

Not many today will even claim the name of “Protestant” to promote their Church; although most will still use denominational titles, identifying them with a particular sect.  Recently there is a move to hide behind the more docile, ecumenical, and generic titles of “community church” or “cultural center,” so as to blend with the world. There is a stigma attached to the word “protestant” that has been associated with bigotry and intolerance, and instills fear in the un-grounded and nominal believer. The word protestant Christian should be a badge of honor, that shows that a person stands against all falsehood, regardless of its origin, but especially against the spreading scourge of Romanism.

In 1835, in his Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States, Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph wrote: “Surely American Protestants, freemen, have discernment enough to discover beneath them the cloven foot of this subtle foreign heresy. They will see that Popery is now, what it has ever been, a system of the darkest political intrigue and despotism, cloaking itself to avoid attack under the sacred name of religion. They will be deeply impressed with the truth, that Popery is a political as well as a religious system; that in this respect it differs totally from all other sects, from all other forms of religion in the country.”

Following is the link to the book, “Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United State”. Please take the time to read it, I guarantee it will be an eye opening education; download the complete book here .

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4 replies on ““Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States””

I am currently out in a small Christian village in a remote area of not Christian SE Asia. Since I was last here a few months ago they installed a new cell tower so now I can get on the internet a little via cell phone. I was catching up on your site and read this article yesterday. Today I went to the village church (Salvation Army) and what do they announce? They will be starting a monthly "prayer and fasting" every month on the 17th.  Followed by a long description of kinds of fasting, etc. Going back to Rome….even here at the ends of the earth….


Sorry to take so long approving your comment; it ended up in my spam folder for some reason; I’m glad I checked it before emptying it.

Thanks for reading the article. It appears that there is a convergence of religious thought, all intersecting and navigating toward a single position; that point being ecumenicism. I am encouraged that you have discerned this delusion where you are at. We must stay vigilant lest we be swept away in the flood of false teaching that is infiltrating the body at every level. Men who were once looked at as stalwart Christians have fallen for the lie, propagated by the Catholic Church, that there is this great unity awakening within mankind that will eventually encompass all men everywhere. It is a lie from hell, and only true elect Believers will survive this end-time assault.

Stand fast in the truth,

Steve Blackwell

I need no convincing that Rome and her Anti-Christ are the true Beast. Unfortunately, the modern evangelical church is apostate because they have left behind two things: the clear commandments of Christ and the fear of God. I trust I don't need to elaborate to you what I mean by the former and am sure you agree with the latter.
The problem with the church in America, in my humble opinion, is they have bought into the Roman tradition so completely, that they teach as truth things the Bible never says and ignore the things God clearly teaches, over and over again.
What most people want to hear is that God is a grandfatherly deity who passively watches as the world goes by, intervening only to make things better at their own whim and timing. God is love, but He is also awesome in His righteous anger and holiness. God HATES sin. While willing to forgive those who repent with "godly sorrow", He is not a god who winks at our sinfulness. Our God is a consuming fire and "many will come to (Jesus) in that day, saying, 'Lord, Lord did we not……" and Jesus will say, "Depart from me you sinners! I NEVER knew you!"

Thanks Steve,

The last seven years have been an eye opening experience for me. For many years I was always confused by the passage in Scripture where Jesus says, “Many shall come in my name, saying ‘I am he,’ deceiving many.” I would try to imagine someone trying to convince me that he was my Savior, Jesus. Even if I weren’t a Christian I cannot see myself falling for such moronic stupidity; nor could I see anyone else falling for it. It puzzled me, and I would often wonder what it was that I was missing in the interpretation. The answer was that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Once I came to the revelation that it was the Catholic church that was being described, all the other Bible references fell into place. That angel of light, talked about in the Bible, is no other than the Catholic church with its man-made god, the pope, and all his predecessors.

Unfortunately, most have not come to that discovery, and see those who oppose Rome as bigoted and intolerant. Once a person is enlightened to this fact (and it is a fact) a whole world of understanding stands before him. The depth of the spiritual conspiracy perpetrated by Satan in the religion of Rome is deeper than we can even imagine. After seven years I am just coming to the point where I am no longer surprised when I, once more, uncover some new intrigue of Rome. I am now on my guard to everything, as to how it may actually be, or in some way related to, an encroachment of Rome, to bring the whole world under its power.

Rome is not merely one of many vying for predominance on the world stage, but is the epicenter of evil.

Where are the warnings from Protestant pulpits to this religion from Hell? In all my many years of listening to Sunday morning speeches, I have yet to hear a word concerning it; not a peep from all those highly trained, and certified, and licensed masters of the fair homily and the proper exhortation of Scripture. In spite of them the Holy Spirit has pulled back the shade, opened the window, and unveiled the truth. I will never dishonor my Lord again by believing that, what He Himself wanted to give me, could be gotten from a mere man.


Steve Blackwell

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