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Christian Hatred Getting Worse

christians_fed_to_lionsToday I saw a bumper sticker that read “So Many Christians, So Few Lions.” I had pulled into a McDonald’s for lunch and happened to come along side a nice looking Mercedes automobile with this sticker on the bumper, so I pulled in beside it. I decided to wait for a few minutes to see if the driver would return. I wanted to ask him if he really felt that much hatred for Christians that he could actually kill them. After a little while I decided I could not wait any longer and went into the restaurant for lunch. I looked around at the crowd to see if I could pick out the person who had such disgust with followers of Jesus, but I was way off. As people left I kept looking over my shoulder to see who might own the car. I discounted the young people and the blue collar crowd, but saw several women and men who might fit the bill. A couple ladies left, but they didn’t own the car. Then a middle aged man, wearing what looked like a surgeons outfit, complete with a head scarf displaying some NFL logo, headed in that direction. I had not suspected him because the outfit he wore projected a different message, a message of trust and healing and care; boy was I fooled.

How many times have we put our trust in individuals who, if they knew we were Christians, would gladly feed us to the lions. Many today are proud of their anti-Christian associations and even promote their anger and hatred over the internet and with placards, and billboards, and bumper stickers, even in Indiana. Some day that hatred will reach a fever pitch, and Jews and Christians will become like varmints, to be destroyed. It may be hard to believe, but it is true, and it may be sooner than we think; are you ready!

Steve Blackwell

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At first my gut reaction is one of outrage. Christians are the target du jour right now. It’s perfectly acceptable (fashionable?) to take shots at Christianity and anything to do with it. This has all been prophesied so we, as believers, shouldn’t think it’s so strange to be persecuted.

But then, sin notwithstanding, why is this so? As Prodigal mentioned, the church has done has a lousy job of late to preach the truth. There are so many televangelists that have proven to be poor examples seen be many and as a result, completely turned off.

Each of us need to be mindful of our walks and examples and pray for those that persecute us. We also need to remember that God is our avenger and He will repay those that seek our destruction.

Unfortunately brother, many false Christians and false doctrine have created a bad taste in many people mouths. These “haters” are in many ways ignorant of what true Christianity is about. May God, and us as well, have mercy on them and pray for them. The people who killed Jesus and Stephen were guilty of sins of ignorance through unbelief. Satan has many allies he has tricked into believing Chrsitianity is a lie.

As Christians, we must not condemn them, but pray that God will grant them repentance. They have been ensnared by the devil to do his will and most of them don’t know it! How very sad.

I guess I am not that observant; some say I have to get out more, but I don’t think that is the answer, maybe it’s that others get out way too much. I was caught off guard, although after looking on the internet it did become apparent that the world is changing fast, and not for good. The apostasy had been my main focus, even when in the back of my head I knew the world was behind the assault. The apostasy is merely the world’s infiltration and defilement of the Holy place.

There is a peace in knowing that Christians can not be intimidated by by the world’s threats of death; there is no victory there, only intimidation and threats.

I had no intention of confronting the man in anger, but I was curious how he would have responded to my question. You are right, there should be no condemnation from Christians for the world acting like the world, it’s their nature, it is impossible for them to be otherwise. I have trained my dog to obey certain commands that make her appear to be intelligent, but when I turn my back she reverts very rapidly to her true nature. The world is no different! It is their nature! What we see inside the “Church” are just “dog tricks” and worldly discipline, making most of them to appear to be intelligent, and just like the dog, when we turn our backs they return to the disgust of and old and dominant lifestyle. The majority of these have never been changed but come because of the dog treats (the bread and the loaves).

Well enough said, keep yourself un-spotted by the world my friend.
See you again soon,
Steve Blackwell

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