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A Rare Message: Will You Stumble?

Here is a sermon that most people, in the New Age Church of the 21st century, will never hear. Most church planters will find in this sermon instructions on how NOT to grow a Church. But, what we WILL find in this sermon, if we understand the Bible, is the laying of a solid foundation, on which God, Himself, will build the Church. Beware! You may be offended, at least I hope so.

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As you can see when you visit my site, I do not get a lot of comments, so when someone ventures to leave a message I get a little excited. Thanks for dropping by.

I am not very good in the marketing department, so there is never a traffic jamb at Indy Watchman.

Speaking of marketing, it seems to me that the message the Church is delivering is more about marketing than the Gospel. It really is a rare message when you hear the un-varnished truth and the “WARNING” to flee the wrath to come. That message will build few mega-churches.

At Indy Watchman we still believe that God is able to instill the truth of what we write, into a person who He leads to this site. Now, we could be good marketers and promote our site in all the logical ways to increase traffic and end up essentially preaching the same message the apostate Church is preaching, i.e., “get them in the door any way you can, then give them the Gospel.” But, then if God really is the One who is directing traffic, wouldn’t all that be for nothing?

The rare message, of the Gospel of truth, is not the canned messages bought from sermons-on-line, regardless of the eloquence with which they are delivered. The rare message does not require worldly wisdom, a bible school certificate, a mentor of renown, or a nine foot angel name Emma. The rare message of God is the message delivered in the spirit from a man who knows and understands God, to a receptacle whose spirit is able to hear, see, and receive it. It could be the most botched message the human ear has ever heard, but God sends His messenger and accomplishes something man could not.

I guess that is why I do not promote my site and get more traffic. If God doesn’t do it, it doesn’t need to be done. What we need more of is “rare” messages.

Steve Blackwell

That’s great!

That is the bad news that people need to hear before we can get them to listen to the good news.

The outreach minister I fellowship teaches the gospel from Romans, beginning in Chapter 1 verse 1. People need to realize they are broken and damned before they can even grasp the idea of needing to be rescued. We cannot be saved until we understand we need to be saved and that God is just in His anger against us because He has provided amnesty to anyone who will obey the gospel.

It’s unfortunate that many ministers will not tell people the truth. Maybe that’s because they don’t really believe it themselves?

This reminds me of the old bumper sticker “Jesus is coming back…and He’s (very angry)”.

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