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After being associated with the Anabaptist for a little while now the question for me arises: What is the most apparent difference between my experience with the Protestant Church and the Anabaptist Church? Both the Protestants and Anabaptist claim to preach the Gospel of Jesus, but the effect that that message has had in the […]

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The Christian as a Sign In the World

It is clear that the Christian is in the world and that in the world he must remain like a uniformed soldier that is “on-duty” in a hostile land. When his job is done it will be God’s calling that will bring him home and not his own doing. Similarly, Christians are to return to, […]

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The Standard and Rationale for Non-Resistance

Adapted from a book (Christian Non-Resistance) by Adin Ballou This is a reflection on the doctrine of non-resistance with respect to the underlying standard from which it proceeds, then on to the justification from which it originates, and then to the sub-principle of duty in which we understand the application. The Standard What is the […]

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Martyrdom, A Word Christians Fear Today

You don’t have to be Catholic to be a martyr. As I was researching the subject for this article I noticed that overwhelmingly the references were to Catholic priest and saints. Let me be clear from the start, you do not have to be Catholic to be a martyr. On the contrary, the definition of […]

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Celebrating the 500th Year of the Radical Reformation

We here at IndyWatchman are celebrating the 500th year of the Radical Reformation while others are celebrating just the regular Reformation which has given us the greater part of the apostasy we are witnessing today. While it was the Radicals who gave us “believers baptism” and “separation of Church and state” all the credit was […]

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A Question for Christians

I have a question for Christians, but let me prefix it with this note of clarification. I feel blessed to be living in America, and consider it my duty, as a follower of Christ, to honor our leaders, obey their laws, and to pay my taxes; I am not anti-America, as some may conclude when […]