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Why We Need to Question The Roman Catholic Church Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Why We Need to Question The Roman Catholic Church

Part two The Historical Aim of the Papacy In the last article we looked at the latent evil that has surrounded us by not heeding the warnings of past generations and the alarms of the present times. These warnings signal a disease that is gaining more strength as we speak and has already crippled a […]

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The Garden of Eden, and After″>httpv://

Where do we start an examination of “truth,” well, at the beginning would be a good place, so let’s go back to Genesis and the Garden of Eden. The common story of the “beginning” seems to always start and finish with the disobedience of eating the forbidden fruit. That is all well and good, but […]

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How Much of Our Life, Strength, and Comfort Depends on Our “Dying to the Old Man”?

This is a very good question since we all want to be strong, healthy, and enjoy many good days of peace and comfort.   Many a man has spent his whole life in the fight against indwelling sin, in a constant battle, and has never seen a day of comfort, and feel all the time […]

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Was Jesus A Pacifist As Defined By Webster?

Definition of PACIFIST 2: strongly and actively opposed to conflict and especially war Does that definition describe Jesus? No! Although He never engaged in or even defended Himself against violence, and charged His followers to do the same, He did not strongly and actively oppose conflict or war by unbelieving nations or people. On the contrary the Bible […]