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Pray For Peace


Pray for Peace
Pray for Peace

I listened to Reba McEntire’s new song Pray For Peace that was shared with me on Facebook. I, of course, agree that there needs to be much prayer for peace in the world, but a peace that is not of this world. We will not likely ever see the kind of peace the world prays for; but why?

I believe the peace they are praying for in the video is not the peace spoken of in the New Testament Scripture. I know that the majority of these people who are praying this prayer are not seeking the peace of Jesus. How do I know? Because as most people are praying for peace they are stockpiling weapons, mace, knives, stunning devises, and verbally or non-verbally  supporting those institutions whose main purpose is to remove peace, namely the military and the justice system.

If the idea of peace is examined more closely what you will find is not the peace spoken of by Jesus but a peace that would be better defined as personal tranquility and safety that is secured by violence. For a soldier to pray for peace, as Reba’s video includes, what can he mean except that his and other’s safety should be secured, and he would not have to kill anyone to achieve that goal. What he means is, be at peace with me or I will do unto you much more, and worse harm, than you will do to me. Are not the dogs of war kept on leashes for just such an occasion? What kind of peace is this that leaves blood, death, and brokenness in its wake. Is this the peace we should be praying for? Is this the prayer that gets God’s attention? Is this the peace that Jesus illustrated by denying Peter’s attempt to protect Him in the garden? Is this the peace that Christ secured when He died on the cross, as the Lamb of God, and commanded His disciples to follow His example?

Where is the peace that has been prayed for by the world in every conflict? it has not arrived. God has not answered those prayers.

The Christian world has missed the mark of the high calling of God pertaining to peace. It is not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit, sayeth the Lord!! They just don’t get it.

I can understand where my friends are coming from, it is very simple, and makes us feel all so virtuous when we pray, and pretend that we understand God’s will; but it is selfish, and its only desire is that we be not disturbed in our personal comfort. Do we really think we can secure peace when the methods that destroy peace are used? Can you fight fire by throwing gasoline on it? These ways have never worked. We only hold on to what we think is peace by threats of destruction or sanctions that promote suffering.

Christian people, wake-up. What does the Bible say? Does it really say all the things we have been habitually taught for many hundreds of years? It’s not in the Book; look for yourself; it isn’t there. The life of Jesus is a complete contradiction to the live of so called Christians.

Enjoy the song and video, I did, but don’t be tricked in to thinking that peace comes from destroying everything that stands in the way of your comfort and happiness; real peace can only be had by following the example of Jesus; true peace comes not by living well, but by dying well.

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It’s a witness to the human condition that after centuries of striving for peace and finding none, the majority still hold out hope… But our hope is in the Prince of Peace, who left His disciples with a peace that is not of this world…

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