The Scarlet Thread

There are those of the world who see in the history of Christianity a gigantic failure, including those of the Catholic persuasion whose only perception of truth is their own, an unbroken authoritarian crusade of two thousand years. I would have to agree with their judgment if all I see is the popular fragmented Protestant Church of the world through the blind eyes of men and public education, but there is another history. It is natural to gravitate towards what is common and accepted; it has a sense of security and comfort to be part of what is popular and fashionable. In this massive movement of humanness, the incidental, the small, the few, become insignificant and unimportant. The search for truth and value are buried under the repeated wreckage of generations of men who were too busy with pressing issues to see and respond to the precious gold of unveiled Truth, who die lost and overcome in their fight against these superficial issues. All the while a thread was being weaved through time touching the lives of a few whose desire is for something unattainable in this world and whose thirst and desire is to attain to something which is only visible through other eyes.

With the passing of time has come the development of highly organized systems of denominational Christianity which, as we see them today, have no valid Biblical reason to exist, which has only served to perpetuate “Churches” which could not otherwise have survived. This denominationalism is a form of artificial life support which prolongs something that would have been better off fading away, but instead these organizations have supplanted and taken the place of the true Church in the eyes of the people. Where the Spirit has departed there is only a semblance, a phantom, a charade or caricature, and an empty carcass.

Where the thread of life exists in a fellowship it cannot afford to function as a lure to the unconverted, because true fellowship, worship, and intersession, are elements that are foreign outside of the life of the body of Christ. Today significant effort is made using the world of marketing and music to lure unbelievers inside and onto sacred ground, with the result that the Holy Spirit simply departs. Once the Spirit leaves the body, only death remains. This scenario has been played out repeatedly through the life of the Church with successive generations failing to understand that the ground of true life in the Spirit must be maintained, and return made, to the ground on which it was birthed. The scarlet cord of life cannot be severed but it may move to a more vital body where Spiritual life is in demand and surrender maintained. The true Church can never be attractive to the world and was never meant to be. Souls are brought into the Church through the Christian witness. It is the Spirit that regenerates people and initiates life, and not because of worldliness and proven marketing methods. In the twenty first century there remains a scarlet thread that is no mere theory just as it was no theory in the beginning. The Spirit still broods over the earth looking for that fertile field to bring forth life and a harvest. Cleared of institutionalism and man’s ingenuity He fertilizes the seed of the pure in heart who are waiting to be born. The principles of God’s unchanging nature, having been demonstrated and tested for two thousand years, has been proven true and dependable, and applicable to the time of today and our own present circumstances. Wherever our Father has found willing submission to live in true obedience He makes His presence known then continues to weave a wedding garment sewn together with a single Scarlet thread.

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