The Importance of Disciplining the “Self”

Many “Christians” will not see Heaven because their Christian life is only a reflection of their love for the natural life with the exception that now they go to a building called a Church. So, what does it mean to become a Christian; obviously it is more than an attendance-based, self-love, organization?

To be “born again” means more than the word Christian conveys, it is to see and understand life and environment through different eyes, the eyes of an Alien to this world. This Alien, the Holy Spirit, has invaded and captured a foreign City called “Self” and makes absolute and uncompromising demands of the old boss, the human spirit known as Self. This old boss is comfortable and set in his ways, resisting even to the point of great pain to the flesh. To defeat and hold this city takes a concerted effort and DISCIPLINE. Only a dedicated warrior whose sole allegiance is to his new Master will ultimately be able to hold out against the relentless assaults of Self-ishness.  

Some believe that wearing certain clothing, or reading a certain version of a Book, or honoring a certain day, or listening to certain music, or going to a certain building, or repeating certain words, or putting money in a certain pan, or getting wet with certain water, or a hundred other certain things, qualifies them for certain admission to a certain place. There are multiplied millions who are, for certain, not qualified for that certain Day; who have listened to certain Preachers, who have convinced them of their certainty; they have certainly been deceived, and they are still lost in an uncertain world. The “self” is so susceptible and will likely fall for “easy-believism,” a means to gain Heaven without the obedience involved to please the Master. Religion has sold this bill-of-goods to millions of Churchgoers, and they wait patiently for the doors of Glory to open wide and invite them in.

Jesus has painted a gloomy picture of the prospects of all so-called Christians making the “cut.” The Christian life is clearly portrayed as a life of separation and suffering, of rejection and isolation, of discipline and death. Yet, what do we see in the common congregation of believers, absolute certainty?! What do we read in the Scriptures? Jesus calls His followers a “little flock,” and asks, “will I even find faith on the earth when I return?” There are many other parables and comments that indicate that what we see with our eyes is not the true Church and that many will hear the words, “be gone from Me I never knew you.”

Those who profess to be Christian need to realize that we are in a great battle, a war “to the knife” and that they need to stop and identify their number one enemy, SELF. Knowing and understanding the command to “come out from amongst them and be separated” is a call to discipline and exercise. A great separating of “wheat and tares” is beginning to take place and enemies identified. A soldier does not fraternize with the enemy, even if they are called by the name of “brother” or “sister.” A man’s enemy will be those of his own family. There is a lot of talk these days of “self-esteem” but Jesus commands us to beware of “self,” SELF is the first and greatest enemy of all.

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