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T. Austin Sparks – Are you content with what Jesus is not? HIS Standard and Heart’s Desire MUST be ours, no Plan B

T. Austin Sparks Refused to be Content With Compromised Religion

“We look out on the world today, on what we call the Christian world, and we see its state, which is indeed very like that in the days of the Judges. We see divisions and failures in what is called ‘the Church,’ and the question arises: Is it possible to have a whole testimony, a full testimony? Is it possible to have a complete expression of the Lord’s mind? The answer that is so often returned may be stated thus: ‘Well, that is the ideal, but you are setting yourself an impossible task if you attempt it. You had better accept the situation, regard it as all in ruins, and make the best of it!’”

“Are you content with that? I am not, and I have decided that even if I die in the attempt, I will give myself to the obtaining of a fuller expression of the Lord’s mind. In so far as my own life is concerned, it is going to be poured out to the last to get His people to the fullness of His will, and I am not going to accept this situation which is so far short of it. It is an unholy thing to enter into contentment of that kind. It is that failure to go on, in spite of the seemingly impossible, which has produced the terrible paralysis and spiritual ineffectiveness of the Lord’s people that is almost worldwide today.”

-T. Austin Sparks

2 replies on “T. Austin Sparks – Are you content with what Jesus is not? HIS Standard and Heart’s Desire MUST be ours, no Plan B”

I greatly appreciate Austin-Spark’s perspective on this matter. When I was a young believer, I used to wonder what it would have been like to have lived in the time of the Judges. Now I think we know…
Thanks for the reminder!

After receiving this same email from Jesus Life Together yesterday, I forwarded it to a brother in Minnesota, because he had formerly told me that someone had almost told him the exact words that T.Austin Sparks had referred to in which people advised him to “accept things how they are.” This brother has seen things by revelation and prophetically, and just simply by reading the Word and trusting that what it says is true. As a result, he has been given occasion to preach, and has proclaimed those things that are not in line with God’s standard in the Kingdom of God, and for His Bride. I sent it to him, and later we talked on the phone in order to encourage him to keep going; keep preaching the truth and keep living it unashamedly, so that Jesus can have His dreams come true. God bless.

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