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Truth and its Consequences


Are we, i.e. Christians, forever to consider with praise and respect, the technological proficiency of modern warfare, which channels the intellect to acquire the skill to murder on a mass scale? Are Christians to look with pleasure upon all the methods employed to mutilate mankind and to enable the work of destruction? Are Christian parents so blind that they would spoon feed their children television and technology that leads them to the Devil’s den? No!

I have witnessed the righteous principle of peace beginning to spread. Brothers and sisters across this land are beginning to learn that nothing can withstand the purpose of the Prince of Peace. They are thinking deeply that surely there must be something faulty and malfunctioning in our Christianity. And, knowing assuredly what Christ professed, they cannot continue to be quiet and lazy in such a cause as this. Read the New Testament just a little and how can you escape without understanding that that religion, established by the Lamb, is a religion of Peace.

Our Churches have been filled to the brim with deception and lies concerning the Christian’s place and duty in government and the armed forces. Ever since the time of Augustine and Constantine, in the fourth century, the once persecuted Church now elevated to a place of power and influence, positioned the Church as a force to be dealt with on the same level as the world, and this is a lie perpetuated by the Church itself through ignorant theologians and the universities.

But, praise be to God for His faithfulness that in these last days the light of truth is breaking through once again amongst those who are sincere and have the brand of the Spirit of Truth inscribed on their hearts. These few are that forward component that will light a torch that no man will be able to extinguish blazing a trail for many to follow. I long to see the day when Christians united in the spirit will stand together, not counting their live as anything, and proclaim with a singular voice the true Gospel of Peace. The price of such a proclamation will be costly but so worth the price to hear those wonderful words.

“Well Done Good and Faithful Servant”

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Dialogues like this is not something I like to see or participate in, although I have been caught-up in some myself. I have known Dona for some time and I am in agreement with her on most points. She is a fighter for truth and where she comes down on joining the Israeli military back in 2011 can be questionable, I agree. I know she embraces non-resistance to evil as spoken of in Matt. 5 and regards all human beings as creatures made in the image of God and therefore off-limits as to doing them harm. King David also entered the enemy camp and joined in their routines to complete his mission. And, Paul, also took oaths to accomplish his mission, and both are held in high praise as faithful in their callings. As a general practice, I would not recommend believers to take oaths or swear allegiance to any nation, flag, or constitution because it would put them in a very risky and dangerous position of rebellion against their true King. Even in the world there are those who go under-cover to fulfill their obligation at the risk of their own lives, and there are those special few Christian soldiers who are likewise called to do things that others don’t understand or are too timid to do, so are we to rebuke them who trust and obey to extreme limits to complete their own missions? I would not do that. The ranks of Christianity are full of those who are literally in rebellion against God, so let us find those who need to be rebuked, those who pretend to be saints while frequenting sites where promiscuity abounds, or those who live and look like the world yet claim to promote the Christ life. Dona is a warrior and I think any Christian would feel safe to do battle at her side. These are days when it is imperative to know who the enemies are and to make sure we are not fighting against God’s anointed.


I don’t see much evidence of a forward component except a few exceptions on the internet. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. We don’t get much in the way of real news from around the world but if there’s a revival taking place I’ve not heard about it.


Don’t read too much into what I have said. What I mention in the way of a forward component is not meant to convey a revival as such. During the Radical Reformation, there was also a “forward component” who existed of only a few who had heard the word of God clearly and honestly. Those few paid dearly but they too lit a torch that has shined even unto this very day. When people generally speak of “revival” they look for the masses of professing Christians to rise up as they did under Luther and Calvin, I am not at all talking about such a thing. The yearning for truth outside of the confines of organized religion is alive and hungry and the Lord will feed such as want an uncompromising relationship with their Creator. The price will be too great for most so consequently the movement will be small but their sacrifice will fan the flames of conscience and that seed which falls to the ground and dies will produce a great harvest. That few are the forward component that I am talking about.


So we’re just stoking the fire until the harvest begins. I guess that’s the way we have to look at it because I need about one hand to count the people I know who acknowledge the truth in God’s word. It seems preposterous that God would have it that way and that we would be participants in theatre of the absurd. Life’s passion play.

Thanks, Steve – I should have checked the archives first. I sorted of figured that I knew your thinking on this. Blessings!

Steve – I’ve come to the place where I believe that the American Revolution, although superintended by God, was not something that Christians should have supported (yet history suggests that many pastors were leading the effort to promote rebellion against the king). Any thoughts on this “unpatriotic” view? David


I have searched high and low for an article I put together on this very subject but I can’t find it. The next best thing is to recommend a book by David Bercot titled, In God We Don’t Trust and it points out just what it was that the revolutionaries did trust in. I have included a few articles below that you may or may not have read. I have used a lot of his material in my articles, he is very insightful.

Since the days of Jesus those who have taken up arms against other men are by definition anti-Christ. You might find Jack Hooks website “America Babylon the Great is Falling” interesting.


I’m sure David can answer for himself but those who say that America is Babylon is conjecture only. A valid argument can also be made for Catholic Rome as anti-Christ, e.g. Dave Hunt’s “A Woman Rides The Beast.” There are enough end days scenarios to satisfy any inquisitive spirit.


I would think that Rome would represent the whore while America and it’s double minded founders and history pretty much represent all that is described in Rev18.


You may be right, I don’t know and neither does anyone else for sure. What I do know is that God said that He would reveal these characters in their proper season. Right now it is just a game that we humans play. Don’t get me wrong prophecy is there for our enlightenment and we should be aware of what is said. If God said that He would reveal this person then we can rightly say that he has not yet revealed him, otherwise, the guessing game would be over. Even Daniel was in the dark about Israel’s release from captivity until one day when the lights went on. He had read those prophecies of Jeremiah but had not connected the dots until everything was right.

Having said all of that, there are things that we can be absolutely sure of. I am absolutely sure about the Church’s true role as non-resistants to evil; no need to guess here. Yet, this is a doctrine rejected by the Church as a whole. Just as the majority of Israelites did not return to Jerusalem, when Daniel revealed the fulfillment of prophecy, so likewise there is only the remnant who understand on any given subject and submit to the Spirit. Fear and complacency stop most from proceeding.

I think it is dangerous to outrun God in this thing of prophecy. The crowd dynamic leads to places we should not venture; I would rather wait on God. But, I have to admit I have not always done what I now prescribe but generally, it is a safe place to be.


Patriotism is an affront to God just as is nationalism and fascism. Today just as in the days of the American revolution patriotic fervor is expressed by the church. American pastors support America’s “war on terrorism” just like German pastors supported Hitler’s third Reich. I don’t think any country in world history other than America exhibits the founders satanic blueprint for a new world order. This was accomplished with use and manipulation of God’s image and word. Today we in America would seem to be at the very least the point of the spear of Satan’s plan for a modern babaylon.

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