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The Fourth of July, a Christian Holiday?

Tonight as I lay in my bed I am reminded of sounds I experienced 47 years ago, only then they were the sounds of death, pain, and suffering. Tonight while Christians across this land, those who say they celebrate life, celebrate death. Solomon once said, speaking of Wisdom,

Whoever fails to find Me harms himself; all who hate Me love death.

What kind of people are we Christians who celebrate death? Are we not worldly? Aren’t Christians called to celebrate life and peace, mercy and forgiveness? Where are these qualities displayed with the sounds of war and all that it represents?

Many millions of lives, on all sides, have died in war, without mercy or love, and many more millions are left alive to mourn and suffer their loss: mothers, fathers, wives, children, brothers, and sisters would give up all the false glory and celebration to have their precious loved ones with them again for just a little while.

And Christians, who are called to “overcome evil with good”, celebrate this great evil; it is the commemoration of overcoming evil with evil, and has nothing to do with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.

On Sunday these same Christians will sit in their pew and worship the One who laid down His life for His enemies, and blessed them, and forgave them, and said “follow Me.” Tonight the voice of Wisdom was muted by all the explosions celebrating death, and Christians locking arms with the world in its yearly ecumenical concert of gunfire and cannon remembering war and violence.

“Does not Wisdom call out and raise Her voice? On a high spot along the way, where the paths cross, that is where She takes Her stand; and She cries out, ‘you who are foolish, get understanding.’”

Time is running out; it is time to understand.

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